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    • (speaking out against poor quality stage schools)
      Paul: If one of my kids turned around and said they wanted to be an actor, then I would try to stop them because I think that really only the ones that can't possibly be stopped or dissuaded should eventually be doing it.

    • (on filming the dark show "Forgotten")
      Paul: Paradoxically, usually if you do really bleak pieces, they tend to be the happiest occasions off-set and the opposite is generally true too. On projects that are really funny, people can be very tense. When I filmed a drama about the Irish famine with my brothers a few years ago, we had a scream, even though we couldn't have been working on a bleaker piece. Though it has been relentless and gruelling, filming Forgotten has been an insightful and enjoyable experience.

    • (on getting together with his "Withnail and I" co-star, Richard E. Grant)
      Paul: It's good when we're together. We're still mates. Our kids know each other. Very occasionally we're together in the same place - and then it's difficult to pay for a drink. I like that.

    • (on working with his brothers as a highlight of his career)
      Paul: When we did The Hanging Gale, working together was a joy - it was easy - there's no professional rivalry.

    • (on whether he expected to play "Doctor Who")
      Paul: Are you crazy, of course not, no, not once, no never. Not till Philip Segal phoned me up. I thought it was a case of mistaken identity.

    • (on his time making the "Doctor Who" film in 1996)
      Paul: To be honest the film now is like a brief mad memory of some crazy holiday. It just seemed to be over so quickly and there wasn't a lot of control. I just did what I was told and stood there and tried to survive.

    • (on the fuss about being photographed kissing Catherine Zeta Jones)
      Paul: If you're going to get photographed kissing the nation's sweetheart you're going to get it. It's fairly arbitrary - she's no longer the nation's sweetheart and nobody cares what I'm doing, so it's tomorrow's chip paper. It's really not worth losing any sleep over, nobody died.

    • (on his response to being asked to do "Doctor Who")
      Paul: didn't want to do it as I didn't think I was suitable at all. I thought they were having me on. At the time it was comic actors and comedians being touted for the job so I was just curious why they were asking me, I'm no comic actor. I managed to resist it for about a year and then took the job.

    • (on British TV)
      Paul: Telly's powerful, telly can be great - it can be the best medium of all. I think in England we should look to it because we're really good at it.

    • (on his life after an injury caused him to miss out on the "Sharpe" series)
      Paul: I was one of those people who wouldn't take out insurance unless someone held a gun to me. I breezed through life generally, most things. I am still confident, especially physically, but it knocks you. And I was skint, that was the abiding problem. It is hard being a dad sometimes, being the breadwinner. But we came through it. I'm fit again. The surgeon said the first part I'd get would probably be some swashbuckling epic and I got The Three Musketeers.

    • Paul: I don't want to be remembered as the George Lazenby of Doctor Who. (Referring to his single performance as "The Doctor" in the 1996 TV movie revival of the British series.)