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Paul Michael Glaser

Paul Michael Glaser


3/25/1943, Cambridge, Mass.

Birth Name

Paul Manfred Glaser



Also Known As

Paul Michael Glasser, Paul M. Glaser, Michael Glaser
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Paul Michael Glaser was given the Lifetime Achievement Award on May 12th, 2003. The award was presented to him at a benefit dinner of about 900 people from The Phoenix Body Positive, the largest privatey funded clinical trial program in the Southwest.

    • In July of 2000, Paul donated his famous sweater that he wear from season 1, and he also donated his brown leather jacket from season 4. All donations from the two auctions went to the EGPAF, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

    • Paul enjoys yoga, meditation, and health foods.

    • Paul enjoys reading, swimming, writing screen plays, tennis, jogging, painting, playing golf, and spending time with family.

    • Paul's favorite color is blue.

    • Paul and Tracy have one daughter, Zoe Anne. They both love Jake, and the new family that they have started.

    • Paul married Tracy Barone on November 24th, 1996.

    • Paul is 5'11", blue eyes, and dark brown curly hair.

    • Paul lost his daughter, Ariel, on August 12th, 1988 at the age of seven to AIDS/HIV. Paul also lost his wife, Elizabeth, on December 3rd, 1994 to AIDS/HIV.

    • Paul and Elizabeth had two children Ariel and Jake.

    • Paul married Elizabeth Meyer on August 24th, 1980.

  • Quotes

    • Paul: ...follow your heart, and learn that whatever your plans, your goals, your dreams, life will take you in directions you haven't even dreamed of.

    • Paul: Our ability to love is our truest power, our greatest power as human beings.

    • Paul: Being a celebrity forces me to get in touch and stay in touch or at least try to more than I ever did before. So you don't lose yourself, don't lose your balance.

    • Paul: David has taught me a lot! He's understanding, intelligent and a fabulous human being. He has his weaknesses but so do I. Frankly, I love him. It's the kind of relationship I've never had in my entire life….. What we have between us is a very special chemistry, both on the set and off it.

  • Paul Michael Glaser, actor, writer, producer, director... humanitarian!

    I first saw him in Fiddler on the Roof as Perchik, a wonderful "rebel" for change! Loved him, saw it many times at our cinema and then larger than life at the drive-in theatre! Since then, he has gone on to do fabulous work in the entertainment industry both in front of and behind the camera lens! A great eye for directing, I love his use of angles, shadows and framing! From his repertory experiences to Off-Broadway, Broadway, film and television, to his personal experiences with HIV/AIDS, Mr. Glaser's journey has been incredibly inspiring and uplifting! An empowering speaker, one has only got to hear him once to feel his compassion for others and the importance for people to realize the significance of their existence and how one can do more,... always do more for others.moreless
  • A great actor and director.

    I have just started to get into "Starsky and Hutch".(Thank to my mom.) That is were I first saw Paul Michael Glaser. I just thought he was the cutest little thing. He always had on tight blue jeans that looked really good on him. *smiles big*

    To me he seems that he would be a really sweet person to meet. He looks like he has a kind heart, and cares about others.

    He is a great actor. I just love to watch him.

    He is also a great director. He really know what he wants when he is behind the camera. In "Starsky and Hutch" my favorite episode that he directed was "Sweet Revenge".moreless