Paul Norell

Paul Norell


1/1/1952, London, England

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Paul Norell


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Paul obtained a B.Ed from Loughborough University in England and has, for over twenty-five years combined the roles of teacher, tutor, and professional actor. In 1998, Paul and his partner founded "Action Workshops Limited", a company dedicated to the teaching of camera acting skills and preparing actors for…more


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  • Trivia

    • Paul has done commercials for BMW, Bank of New Zealand, Instant Kiwi and Pro Life.

    • Paul is married, and his wife Irene Drake was a casting director for Hercules and Xena.

    • Paul's theatre credits include:
      (2011) The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch, Lead role, Tim Bray Productions
      (2011) We'll Always Have Paris "M Chalot", Dolphin Theatre, dir. Mary Granfors
      (2010) The History Boys "Hector", Ellersile Theatre, dir. Des Smith
      (2009) Murdered To Death "Inspector Pratt", Rose Theatre, dir. Sherry Ede
      (2009) Secret Life of a Bellydancer "Rex Barker", dir. Geoff Allen
      (2008) Lion In Winter "King Henry", Ellersile Theatre, dir. Jocelyn McQuald
      (2006) The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch "Mr Grindling", The Operating Theatre Trust, Dir. Tim Bray
      (2004) Quills "Marquis de Sade", Takapuna Pumphouse
      (2000) I Hate Hamlet "John Barrymore", Titirangi Drama Society
      (1996) The Crucible "Danforth", Theatre Workshop, Dir. Gabriel Reid
      (1996) Twelfth Night "Malvolio", Summer Shakespeare, Dir. Maya Dalziel
      (1995) Wild Honey "Chekhov", Theatre West
      (1994) Twelfth Night "Malvolio", Dir. Nathaniel Lees
      (1993) Dracula "Dracula", Dolphin Theatre
      (1991) Amadeus "Saliari", Theatre Workshop, Maidment, Dir. Gabriel Reid

    • Paul is best known for his role of the King of the Dead in the movie The Return of the King. But he also played another role in the previous film- an Easterling soldier who doesn't see Frodo and Sam in front of the Black Gates in the movie The Two Towers.

    • Paul often appears at conventions for his movie The Return of the King from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. He often holds an acting workshop for the convention fans.

    • Paul is one of 15 Kiwi actors suing New Line Cinema over merchandising rights for The Lord of the Rings movies. They were promised a 5% cut of the profits, but after New Line figured in a gross participation fee for themselves before the royalties were figured, leaving no money left over to be handed out to the actors whose images were used on the products.

    • Paul played the role of the King of the Dead in the Oscar winning movie The Return of the King, and one of the proudest moments of his career was when a clip featuring him in the role was played at the 2004 Oscars.

    • Paul enjoys tennis, swimming and running as his exercise routine.

    • Paul speaks French, which came in handy when he appeared in the fourth season Hercules episode "Les Contemptibles", since his lines were all in French.

    • Paul is quite muscal in spite of not being able to read sheet music. He sings and plays the piano. His other main hobby is the study of military history.

    • Paul is of Iranian/English descent.

    • Paul is trained to use a number of accents while he acts, including various British, French, Italian, Eastern European, and North American neutral.

    • Paul is 6'4" tall, with graying black hair and brown eyes.

    • Paul is represented professionally by the firm EMS Actors Management. But his convention bookings are handled by the Luko Agency.

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  • In 2004 I met mr. Norell and I had the pleasure to work for him during Conventions. I think he is a very nice and talented man, and I am sorry we don't see much of him on Dutch TV.moreless

    In 2004 I met mr. Norell and I had the pleasure to work for him during Conventions. I think he is a very nice and talented man, and I am sorry we don't see much of him on Dutch TV. Of course I have seen him as actor in the Lord of the Rings films, not only as King of Dead, but as Captain of Easterlings, but I have seen him giving workshops Acting and of course several Panels.moreless