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    • Picerni pitched a no-hitter in high school as a member of his school's baseball team.

    • Paul guest starred on three episodes of Perry Mason: The Case of the One-Eyed Witness, The Case of the Sardonic Sergeant, and The Case of the Bouncing Boomerang.

    • PIcerni's wife, Marie. is a former ballet dancer. They got married in 1947.

    • Paul once did a guest shot on Hawaii Five-O. Though he thought Hawaii Five-O star Jack Lord difficult to work with Picerni didn't mind because he got to go to Hawaii and stay in a nice hotel.

    • Paul appeared as one of the Catwoman's henchmen in an episode of Batman. He later said he made the appearance because his children were big fans of the series.

    • Picerni, along with co-stars Nick Georgiade and Abel Fernandez, was approached by a producer in 1981 about appearing in an Untouchables reunion movie. All three agreed to appear but the movie never came about because star Robert Stack declined.

    • One of Paul's best roles was as a District Attorney in the 1959 film The Young Philadelphians which starred Paul Newman. Picerni later stated in an interview that Newman was the most inconsiderate and self-centered actor he ever worked with.

    • PIcerni and Untouchables co-star Bruce Gordon appeared together once more in an episode of Here's Lucy entitled Lucy's Wedding Party.

    • Paul Picerni is listed on the IMDB as being in the cast of the upcoming film Retirement which is being directed by his brother Charles. Fellow Untouchables castmate Nick Georgiade is also listed as being in the film.

    • Picerni's Untouchables character, Lee Hobson, was the only character on the show about whom no background information was ever given. All we got were occasional bits and pieces in the dialogue.

    • Ironically, though he played a Federal agent for three years on The Untouchables, Picerni had appeared as a gangster in the show's pilot.

    • He joined the cast of The Untouchables at the start of its second season in 1960 and remained with the show for the remainder of its run.

    • Picerni appeared on episodes of A&E's Biography series about his late friends Audie Murphy and Telly Savalas.

    • Picerni played the hero in the classic 3-D horror film House of Wax in which he co-starred with Vincent Price, Carolyn Jones, and Charles Bronson.

    • After his graduation from college, Picerni taught speech and drama for a brief period of time at Mt. St. Mary's College in California.

    • Picerni graduated from Loyola University in Los Angeles in 1949 as a drama major.

    • Paul was halftime emcee for the Los Angeles Rams for over 30 years until their move to Anaheim.

    • Two of Picerni's children, Paul, Jr. and Marilyn, are stunt persons.

    • A role in the 1950 film Breakthrough led to a contract at Warner Brothers for Picerni.

    • Paul was close friends with actor/war hero Audie Murphy.

    • Picerni appeared in the 1970 war drama Kelly's Heroes but his scenes were deleted in the final cut.

    • Paul played famed Penn State football coach Joe Paterno in the 1978 TV movie Something for Joey.

    • Picerni originally aspired to be a lawyer growing up but was steered towards becoming an actor when his high school principal told him he admired his performance in a high school play and further stated that he was a natural born actor.

    • Picerni and his wife Marie have 8 children and 10 grandchildren.

    • Brother Charles was Picerni's stand-in and stunt double on The Untouchables.

    • Picerni received the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service in World War II.

    • Paul served in the Army Air Corps during World War II as a bombardier. He flew 25 combat missions.

    • Paul was an Eagle Scout during his teen years.

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