Paul Popowich





3/2/1973 , Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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Paul Popowich grew up in Stoney Creek, Ontario.

At high school he studied both dramatic arts and classical piano. He then went onto study at the
Canadian Royal Conservatory of Music.

He has been a member of numerous bands, being both an established musician and song writer.

Paul first began his acting career in the movie "Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller" as the awkward and slightly thick Cass.

His television career started with guest appearances until getting the lead role of Joe Hardy in "The Hardy Boys", this unique role based on the book series by the same name and a spin-off from Nancy Drew bought new attention to Paul as a serious actor.

By the time Paul guest stared in Beverly Hill 90210, he was well on his way to be an established actor with numerous different roles under his belt.

While Paul continued to land roles in movies and popular television shows, it was the Canadian show "Twice in a Lifetime" which opened his talents up to be noticed by fans and critics alike Internationally. The show had been doing well after its first season, but Paul bought new blood and a much lighter, appealing character to the show as Mr Smith.

After "Twice in a Lifetime" ended, Paul went quiet in the show acting, having several movies roles. His is most well-known for his role in the movie "Vlad" and in "Vampires Anonymous" where he played a young vampire who tries to stop drinking human blood.

Paul returned to TV in 2005 in "This is Wonderland" and in 2006 as a guest star in "The L Word", which showed his versitile acting skills.

In 2006 Paul began his first regular acting role in quite a few years in the series "Angela Eyes" which sees him playing Jerry Anderson, brother of the lead character Angela Henson.