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  • Use to be hilarious.

    I have to rate this guy lower because of the incident a while back. That was really bad and it hurt his career in the worst way. If not for that, he might have been a much bigger star. I remember watching him on Pee-Wee's Playhouse. That show was really funny when I was a kid. Now it just seems really silly and ridiculous. I must say that he was a good actor when he acted on a regular basis. He went from comedy to drama rather well. Overall, he seems that he was his own worst rival because he damaged his career. Thank you.
  • iv never heard of him until i saw the movie reanimated

    i dont know anything about pee wee herman but he is a pretty good actor he should have his own show on comedy centeral they need a guy like him before i saw the movie reanimated i didnt know any thing about him but i do now he is awesome i just hope they dont replace him in out of jimmys head like they did the original craig and robin which were very good too i hope paul reubens is used more especialy on comedy centeral well he is a good voice actor as well and thats my review later aligator
  • Incredible! One of my favorite actors!!

    Paul Reubens was born on August 27, 1952 in Peekskill, NY. He is best known for his character on Pee-Wee's Playhouse as Pee-wee. He is also recognized in the movie Pee-wee's Big Adventure. That is one of the best movies ever! I love his character as Pee-wee! In the movie, it is funny how he poured a lot of cereal and other breakfast and he only ate two bites. That cracked me up. It is also funny how he laughs. I don't know what Paul is doing now, but I hope he is doing something because he has lots of talent!! Yeah Paul!!!!
  • poor paul reubans but when he did the playhouse he made alot of kids happy

    Where to begin, Well for starters I used to watch peewees playhouse (His old tv show) as a kid. Since it was already blacklisted, it wasnt aired when i watched it but on video. For those who dont know paul did peewees playhouse, a childrens show in the 80s, but reubans was caught exposing himself and his show was taken off the air =( I think that he was a very talented actor who made alot of kids happy and that thats all that matters. Though he did act a bit goofy and weird like a younger child, he still made alot of kids happy and tought them good moral values in his shows and some early movies. Oh and now adult swim is airing his own show if anyone woyuld like to watch it.
  • hes ok I guess but his shows make me think that hes actually gay ya know.

    pee wee herman was suck a weried name i mean who name is actually that . but ohh well all that lipstick and tight close seems pretty weird to be on a man gosh i havcv to write a long review for this page. man will it ever end I guess Im just practicing my typing doing all this stuff oh man it is so hard to do all this typing but im a level 60 so what who cares what level im on I hope noone reads this or im dead probley every one s redading this right no but ohh. well. im talking about paul ruebens.
  • I love him but that's why god invented VCR's!

    I know I know. 10 is kinda high for a man-boy who did the naughty to Nurse Nancy in a public theater. I wonder who caught him? How would you feel seeing Pee-Wee Herman do that and then rat on him? I wouldn't rat on him it's the least I could do for all the laugh's he gave us. Or just bribe him because I am positive he would give away everything he could. lol. All jokes aside Pee-Wee is the funniest guy everything from the trademark laugh to that outfit he wore to his flattened hair. He is truely a tv legend for bringing all of those laughs. I wonder where he is/what's he doing now... I think masterbating in a public adult theater wasn't smart because there had to be a guy with one of those Star Wars wands they check the theater with. But then again why would anyone else go to an adult theater? It wasn't smart of him. I haven't heard from him in quite a few years and maybe this is why. No one was angry or anything but it did make him the joke of the day and then maybe he just faded away natrually. In close he is great and did something that was a little dumb on his part but very funny to us and I hope to hear from him soon!