Paul Revere & The Raiders





1/1/1958 , Boise, Idaho

Birth Name

Paul Revere & The Raiders




Paul Revere & The Raiders formed as a pop/rock group in Boise, Idaho in 1958. Some sources indicate that the group was not formed until 1960 in Portland, Oregon. The group was first named the Downbeats. The group cut a demo tape that ended up in the hands of“John Guss the owner of Gardena records in Los Angeles who was very impressed with their sound. He told them he would release a record for them but only if they changed the name of the group. Guss suggested they somehow use Paul’s real name in the group’s title and thus they became Paul Revere & The Raiders.

The Raiders were the very first rock group to ever be signed to a contract with Columbia records. In the groups' very long career they have sold close to 50 Million records worldwide. The group also appeared on another Dick Clark weekday show from 15 July 1968 to 19 July 1969 on ABC titled It’s Happening. They also appeared on another Dick Clark created and hosted show in 1977 titled The Good Old Days that was a very short-lived series. Mark and Paul were the co-hosts of this afternoon 25-minute long music variety show. Regardless that most sources claim that he was really born with the name Paul Revere some sources indicate he was really born Revere Dick or possibly Dick Revere?