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    Paul Rudd is another one of Hollywood's underrated comedic actors. He has been in so many good movies, but he just never really has had the chance to star in them. Rudd is also well known as Mike on television's "Friends."
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    What can I say about Paul Rudd? I think Paul is a brilliant actor. I have seen him in many thing which i really love. Paul played Mike in the awesome show 'Friends' I thought he was great on that show and I would have liked to see alot more of him. I have seen him in the film 'The 40 Year Old Virgin' He was so funny in that. I have also seen him in the film 'Knocked Up' Which I thought he was awesome in this, he made me laugh all the way though the film. After watching 'Knocked Up' I have began to really like Paull Rudd, I hope we will see alot more of him because he is a very talented actor and a funny one, I must say.
  • Funny as hell.