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  • Paul Satterfield hard working actor who looks remind many of a blond Christopher Reeves. He is typecast because of his build as a jock or as a charming, dapper con artist. In his current role on OLTL he has never been better at portraying the man with the

    Paul Satterfield is what I would call a tall he is (6\'4) drink of water or sweet tasting water. A blond Christopher Reeves look a like who isn’t the world greatest actor but he differently works hard at his craft and I am glad to say I have been able to see a great deal of improvement since I first laid eyes on him when he was a contract player on daytime soap opera General Hospital.

    Since then I have seen two of his early films (Arena & Creep Show 2) and already the quality of his work has already shown signs of improvement. I’ve seen him in his roles on Savannah and Bold and the Beautiful and his guest staring bits on Seventh Heaven and one of the main things that you will notice is that his roles do not vary in the types of character he plays very much.

    Paul has been somewhat typecast as the tall charming man with ulterior motives. No role better fits that description then his current one on another daytime drama One Life to Live. On One Life, Paul plays the part of super smart, super handsome, super charming Dr. Spencer Truman. In this role Paul has shown he has matured and aged beautifully. He has incorporated all the qualities of past character and times it by ten to bring to life a character that on the outside is Superman and on the inside Lex Luther roams. His character while a magnificent world renowned surgeon who has saved lives thinks nothing of framing a man for a murder no one committed all so he can have his fiancé Blair Cramer played by the wonderful actress Kassie Depaiva. The only woman who has laid claim to his heart. Paul has been showing he is more then just a pretty face on One Life to Live and I hope that trend continues.