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  • "John and Jacob' need to be recognized by Paul Shaffer, the greatest!!!!

    Paul Shaffer you are a fantastic bandleader. Please help me to get a young band "John and Jacob" on your show. They are the best rockers out there today. They would be fantastic on your show. They write their own music and it is high energy and rocking out. If you could get someone to chenk out their facebook and listen to the dvd "My Girl", my fav I believe you will reconie their talent. They have their tour list posted. Please Paul do this for a fan of yours for many years and a fan of an up and coming fantastic fresh band that I compair to "The Beadles" , as far as energy , talent and just plain adorable. Love you Paul.
  • Paul Shaffer is best known for being the bandleader on the Late Show with David Letterman.

    Paul was named Paul Allen Wood Shaffer on November 28, 1949 in Thunder Bay, Canada. He started his musical career on Toronto stages in 1972. He worked on NBC's Saturday Night Live from 1975 until 1980. He started doing movies until in 1993 he was hired on David Letterman's talk- show Late Show with David Letterman. He has been marrid to Cathy Vasapoli sunce 1990, they have two children: a daughter Victoria Lily born April 8, 1993 and a son William Lee born January 21, 1999. He also co-wrote Th Weather Girls' hit song "It's Raining Men". On September 21, 2002, a street in his hometown was renamed Paul Shaffer Drive. I think he performs ver well on the Late Show. He and David Letterman make a great team.
  • A talented guy who can do a lot of stuff in the biz.

    Paul Shaffer is a great musician, songwriter, bandleader, actor and co-host for David Letterman. I have always enjoyed his comedy on Dave’s shows and he does a great job from across the room.

    He is an amazing band leader. On e of the top people in America and is always heading the ensemble bands at big events like the Super-Bowl, Olympics and every year at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Ceremonies.

    He ahs also done a number of acting roles, including one of the top musical, comedy, rockumentaries of all time “This is Spinal Tap”.

    On top of all that, he’s Canadian. Now can you put down Canada when they produced such a nice guy as Paul Shaffer?