Paul Shenar

Paul Shenar


2/12/1936, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA



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    • He was a founding member and teacher of the American Theater Conservatory (ACT) in San Fransisco. He appearing in over 40 plays throughout his years there.

    • He was known for his many portrayals of antagonists and villains. Such roles were Sosa in the 1983 remake of "Scarface", and voicing the evil rat Jenner in "The Secret Of NIMH" name a few

  • Quotes

  • Known to many as one of the quintessential bad guys of the 1980's, actor Paul Shenar was one of the most recognized faces in the 70's and 80's.

    With a deep thuderous voice, intense eyes, a dark complexion, and a strong presence in performance, Paul Shenar could easily make an instant impression by simply walking onto the camera, and emphasizing his character. As one of the most respected stage actors in America, beginning in the early 1960's it's no wonder why this talented performer achieved fame in some of the most compelling roles seen on both film and television. The only question one could possibly ask, is why he didn't achieve more of a film status earlier in his career. Obviously, a stage performer never let's down on the real definition of acting. Why should Mr. Shenar have? He began his screen career in television roles, and quickly made his way onto the big screen. It should be said that his less intense roles, are also something to see. His main impression was that of a villain, as his presence was strong and often intimidating. However, some of his roles as a nicer, more down to earth man, were also very enjoyable indeed. In "The Big Blue", his last feature, he plays a scientist. His role is subtle and genuine, and he is very warm and inviting. It's easy to identify his harder characters, but also, he could deliver sympathetic roles too. he was a master at the craft, one who left us far too soon, and he will be missed.moreless