Paul T. Scheuring





Aurora, Illinois

Birth Name

Paul Scheuring




Paul Scheuring is an American screenwriter and director for films and television shows.

His main works includ the 2003 film A Man Apart and, more notably, the creation of the television drama Prison Break, for which he is also credited as an executive producer and writer.

Prior to his success, he had attended the UCLA School of Theater Film and Television and had worked as a courier, cable installer, and factory worker.

After working on 36K in 2000 and A Man Apart in 2003, Scheuring made his first attempt to be a television show writer...the show was Prison Break, it was turned down at first but accepted a year later.

Prison Break proceeded to win the 2006 People's Choice Awards for Favorite New TV Drama and was nominated for Best Drama Television Series at the 2006 Golden Globe Awards.