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  • prison break

    i just love it ive watched it over and over i think in my personal opinion there should be more to this... like take micheal for example, no body was shown known of i thought well the government could of taken his body aka him and kept him alive making his family think hes dead. use him for only one thing something to do with the company and his mother. teddy would escape prison with the boss of the company even though the company has been brought down. there out for revenge on sarah and her son. unknown to sarah and lincoln that micheal is alive they are bribed into something the government wants documents on Scylla from David Baker and the information gathered on how its was made or created. information like that could be worth so much. in order to do this than they offer one thing they cannot refuse MICHEAL... where micheal is in complete lock down with no escape his life only hangs in lincolns hands. as then the team gets back together to save micheal who was saved by the government in order to use him for this information they all realise what has to be done. I THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX HAHAHA