Paul Teutul Sr.

Paul Teutul Sr.



Birth Name

Paul Teutul



Also Known As

Big Paul or Senior
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Paul Teutul was born on May 1, 1949. His love of riding and fabricating custom motorcycles dates back to the '70s, inspired by such films as Easy Rider. Since then he's worked in steel fabrication, nurturing his Orange County Ironworks into the thriving commercial business it is today.…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Not that bad of a guy.

    Love that he likes dogs. Great builder.
  • Sr needs a wake up call....

    My husband is the one that got me started watching American Choppers.. He thought I would enjoy the family oriented show about building motorcycles because I love watching him design and build his own Trykes... We are disabled and can't ride a regular bike, and can't afford to buy one, so,,,, he builds his own.. Well, I quickly learned how disfunctional this Famous family truly was... These past years, I have seen how all the problems between Sr and his sons are in part caused by Jason Pohl and the other guy in the office, I think his role is office manager? If anyone watches past episodes where Jason and the other guy are right in the middle of the fighting of Sr and Jr. It's like Jason has used his spoiled brat cunning attitude, to make things worse between the guys.. Mikey and Jr were smart in getting out and in the episode that aired tonight,,(11-5-12), Vinnie even says that it is an "Evil Regime" over @ OCC... And Cody agreed...That is why they don't want to be involved in the rejoining of the crews for Sr and Jr. I think if OCC was to have a change in office help, Half his problems with his family would dissappear... Family should come first, and outsiders should be sent on their way if they try to come between blood... I know this is just my opinion, My husband and Daughters see it too, but, Others have had to have seen it, too. If Sr truly cares about saving his relationship with his sons, he needs to rewatch past episodes of all the arguing in the shop where his office help is there just egging him on with his anger.. A concerned fan.moreless