Paul Thomas Anderson

Paul Thomas Anderson


1/1/1970, Studio City, California

Birth Name

Paul Thomas Anderson



Also Known As

P.T. Anderson
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Paul Thomas Anderson grew up in the San Fernando Valley. His father Ernie Anderson was a well known voice actor (America's Funniest Home Videos, The Love Boat, etc.) & created the character Ghoulardi (which Paul named his production company after) who was a B Movie/Horror film host in…more


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    • P.T. Anderson: I had older brothers and sisters who were doing drugs and playing rock music and doing all those insane things. I was watching.

    • P.T. Anderson: Today's movie villains often remind us of James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart and that's as cool as it gets. There's something comforting if they're hip and cool. They're not entirely real or not entirely threatening, so it might be a little easier to swallow if they remind us of traditional movie villains.

    • P.T. Anderson: You can really see a strong and distinctive line between '70s and '80s porn, not just in the quality but in the spirit behind it.

    • P.T. Anderson: My dad was one of the first guys on the block to have a VCR. So along with all the videotapes that I would rummage through, I would find porno movies. Not that it twisted me into some maniac or anything. I was watching porno from age 10 to 17. I had an interest in it.

    • P.T. Anderson: Mark (Wahlberg) came to me and said, 'I've got an inch on Leo (DiCaprio).' And he showed it to me, and then I hired him.

    • P.T. Anderson: (about film making) It's a miracle anytime any one of them gets made, you know? It's a miracle every time, I feel like. It's a miracle every time a scene kind of gets done and through the birth canal and done. It's never any less of a miracle or any less difficult.

    • P.T. Anderson: (on using the same actors in his films) It's gotta be a lot like being in a band, where you feel like the more you play together the better you get. When you work with people that you know, and it's going well, there's nothing like it. I mean, there's just nothing like that joy of watching an actor that you dig, that you maybe have written something for, to see them kind of do something new with it that you didn't expect.