Paul Vogt

Paul Vogt


12/16/1964, Buffalo, New York, USA

Birth Name

Paul C. Vogt



Also Known As

Paul C. Vogt
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  • I'm new to this... so be kind.

    I think he should have his own show to. He always makes me laugh a lot on Mad Tv and I am so suprised that he isn't in it this year. He was one of my favortie cast members. So I wrote to them to tell them I was mad. Then I wanted to see if he was on another show and that's how I found this Tv site, it;'s aweosm here. and I want to write things here all the time. If you come here Paul to read stuff: I'm sad you are not on Mad Tv and wish you were back.moreless
  • I agree! Give him his own show!

    I agree! Give him his own show!

    He is original and funny... and I can't wait to see him in his own sitcom. Paul made me laugh when I first saw him on "The Rerun Show". I've been a big fan for a long time now. I used to post at the MADtv forum and was a big PAUL fan there. He definately is one of the best cast members on MADtv now!moreless