Paul Wall

Paul Wall


3/11/1981, Georgetown, Texas, USA

Birth Name

Paul Michael Slayton



Also Known As

Ice Man, Paul Wall, The People's Champ, Wallpaper
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Paul Wall is an American rapper, DJ, promoter and jeweler from Georgetown, Texas. Paul Wall is affiliated with Swishahouse Records, formerly Swisha Blast Records. Slayton is a graduate of Jersey Village High School and studied mass communications at the University of Houston for three years. His parents are…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • He teamed up with Zenetti, a global designer in automotive accessories, to create a signature line of grillz and wheels.

    • He was influenced by the music of DJ Screw.

    • At age 14, he began doing street team productions for record labels like def Jam, Cash Money, and No Limit.

    • His references include Lil' Jon and T.I.

    • His dad abandoned him at an early age.

    • He usually wears sunglasses in his videos.

    • He owns a large collection of light-colored low-rider convertibles.

    • He stands at 5'9".

    • He attended Jersey Village High School in Texas, along with Mike Jones.

    • He raps to an extremely slow tempo.

    • He speaks with a heavy Texan accent.

    • Paul is looking to start up a clothing company in addition to his jewelry and music endeavors.

    • Paul actively participates in MTV's Fantasy Football games, as the Lonestar Monsters. His major competition is Method Man, who keeps the score tied.

    • Paul, Raekwon, and Tego Calderon joined film-maker Raquel Cepeda to film the documentary titled Bling: A Planet Rock in Sierra Leone, to raise awareness of conflict diamonds. The issue was brought to light in 2005 by Kanye West's song 'Diamonds From Sierra Leone'.

    • Pauls favorite movies are: Goodfellas, Scarface, and Friday.

    • Paul's nicknames are: The People's Champ & Pinky.

    • Paul was originally half of the the Houston power-duo the Color Changin' Click.

    • Paul started to fit the mold of an all around performer when he developed into an accomplished DJ in his own right, hosting parties of his own in nightclubs, that would pack the house.

    • Paul got a break in 1993, when Michael 5000 Watts let him do the introduction for his radio show, illiciting a huge fan response.

    • Paul started at the age of fourteen doing street-team promotions in Houston, Texas for record labels like: Def Jam, Cash Money, and No Limits. All the while, perfecting his rhyming skills on the side.

    • Paul started his musical career in a gospel-rap group, by the name of The Sleepwalkers. The other members included Hakeem 'Chamillionaire' Seriki, and TeRay 'PKT' Green. The group would perform at church social functions and youth festivals.

    • Paul graduated from Jersey Village High School, despite running with a street wise crowd, and went on the University of Houston to study Mass Communications for three years. He dropped out to pursue his career that was starting to take off.

    • Paul lists his musical inspirations as: UGK, Lil' KeKe, Fat Pat, Screwed Up Clique, and Street Military.

    • Paul sampled the 1970s group The Chi-Lites hit 'Oh Girl', for his single by the same name.

    • Paul Wall is featured in Brooke Hogan's new video single called "About Us."

    • Paul released his 1st album The Chick Magnet in 2004.

    • Paul Wall is affiliated with Swishahouse Records, formerly Swisha Blast Records.

    • Paul passed out flyers for a local jeweler at age 17 for fronts & grill mouth pieces, and eventually turned it into a lucrative business of his own. TV jewelry plays host to such superstars as: Nelly, Fat Joe, Master P, T.I., Slick Rick, Chingy, and Kanye West.

    • Paul launched an underground recording career that saw his first 4 independently released albums on the Paid In Full label: Get Your Mind Correct, The Chick Magnet, Controversy Sells, and How to be a Player, each hit the chart for 15 consecutive weeks on the Billboard Rap charts.

    • Made a grill for Brooke Hogan and is making one for Hulk Hogan.

    • Expensive Taste is a rap "super-group" Paul Wall, Travis Barker, and Rob Aston have put together. Their first album, produced by Travis, while having no official release date, is due by the end of summer 2006.

    • Paul owns one restaurant of the Subway chain in Houston. The Subway has no problem with a major rapper operating one of the stores, and their major rule is he cannot wear any of his jewelry while working.

    • Paul married his girlfriend, Crystal Slayton in 2006. The couple have been together since October 2005. Crystal recently gave birth to the couple's first child, William "Fat" Patrick Slayton on Tuesday, April 18, 2006.

    • Paul grew up in the upper-middle class city of Jersey Village, TX.

    • He is a diabetic.

  • Quotes

    • Paul Wall: (About his song "Tonight") It's not really a song you'd expect me to rap on. I just heard the beat, and I was like, 'I'd love to get somebody and make, like, a playa love song'.

    • Paul Wall: People always have something to say about how you should make music but I make music 'cause I love it. I just maintain the integrity that I've kept and have fun with it.

    • Paul Wall: Down in Texas, we definitely like our music slow, so a lot of the songs have a slow, entrancing type of vibe. We just wanted to make some good music.

    • Paul Wall: You gotta stay true to who you are. No matter how much success I saw, where I went or what I did, or who I did a song with, or how much my album sold, how many awards, nominations, people are always like, 'you still the same person you were five years ago.

    • Paul Wall: (About his early years of life) It was terrible. But I've never been the type to make excuses. I just try to find a solution. I just deal with it and move on.

    • Paul Wall: It's just now starting to get on a national level but I don't get caught up in all the bull**** in being a celebrity. Even locally I never got caught up in a my-****-don't-stink-type attitude. And because of that there's people that weren't even fans of my music, but when they meet me and see the type of person I am, they go back and listen to the music and are like, you know what, man, that **** is jammin'!

    • Paul Wall: Comin' up as a rapper from the South my inspirations and pioneers were artists like UGK, Lil' Keke, Fat Pat, Screwed Up Clique, and Street Military. People that were in Houston just doing it on a local scene, and that I saw represented our culture and the day to day life I saw in Houston. They represented the way we talked, the way we act, the type of drugs we used, the crease in the jeans, the kind of car we drive, the way we fix our cars up. All the things they were talking about when they were rapping were things that I was living.

    • Paul: As far as being the 'People's Champ', I've always treated people with respect whether you work in the mailroom or you are president of the company.

    • Paul: My music is about hustling, not just hustling in terms of the block, it's music that inspires you to go out there and get it-doing whatever you gotta do.

    • Paul: The style of music that we were creating in Houston and Texas was just so different that I never thought that the rest of the world would embrace it the way that they have now. A lot of my music is based on the Texas culture and Skrew culture