Paul Webster

Paul Webster


9/19/1952, UK

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This Paul Webster guide is for the Hollywood movie producer and production manager. He has no acting credits and his only television credit is appearing as himself on the arts journalism series Moving Pictures. For the TV/movie actor, please see Paul Webster (II).


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  • I have been a Paul Webster fan since the 1980\'s! I have followed his career over the years and I can honestly say this man was born in the wrong tv era. VARIETY SHOW!!!....He could\'ve been a contender!...Sing, Dance, Act and Play Music....PDW can do imoreless

    ....NCIS -- Just a fantastic job of acting. Paul had me convinced his was a Navy officer. I kept thinking to myself when would he of had time to be in the Navy?....The last scene showed how, with a little make-up, Paul can really look like a tortued captive. It\'s well documented that well known leading actors take countless hours preparing to act for just one scene. Paul must have been preparing for the climatic scene all his adult life. It must have been especially tough to share the camera with his teen crush (Mark Harmon). Through all of it, including the epilogue, where Paul had to act with his arm in a sling, his inner actor just shines!!!!

    Let\'s talk about the networks failure to re-invent the variety show from the \'50s and \'60s. Enough is enough! Paul should be given a chance to host his own Variety Show. I look forward to wholesome family entertainment....laughs and more laughs!

    Does anybody know if the orangatuang from the Clint Eastwood movies is available to be Paul\'s cohost on the show?moreless