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  • Team Stefan

    When The Vampire Diaries started I was immediately on Team Stefan! He is super cute and has a sexy voice. I remembered seeing him on an episode of The O.C. and thinking he was super hot! I am glad he is on a successful show and that I get to see him each week.
  • paul wesley is an awesome actor especially on The Vampire Diaries!!!

    he is an awesome actor i love him on the vampire diaries and i hope he is on till the end.
  • About Paul Wesley.

    Paul is a great actor! He's really hot too! I've only seen him in five things, like "The OC", "Cold Case", "Law and Order: SVU" and "Wolf Lake". The fifth thing I've seen Paul in is actually the first time I saw him on "The Vampire Diaries". I was really curious to find out what else Paul was in, so I watched the first four shows that I have mentioned. I really do feel that Paul Wesley is going to win an emmy someday! I can't wait to see what he does next! Thursday nights are the new Monday nights!
  • I think he\'s a really good actor who should be on some network drama show. He\'s also a good looking guy. I love those eyebrows of his. Keep up the good work Paul! Hope to see you on big screen one day.

    Good actor. His techniques are good. He has this thing about not smiling when he acts. He reminds me of Ray Liotta. He has that tough guy personality. I first seen him in Everwood. He was good in that. In his bit part in SVU, he
    was amazing. It was a very touching episode. He was also good in Crossing Jordan. He can now be seen in The Peaceful Warrior, a movie, and a show called Fallen.
  • up and coming. paul is a great actor.

    paul wesley is very talented which you can see from his many roles in shows like The OC, Everwood, Smallville and more. I especially like him in ABC Family's Fallen, and am very excited to see the rest of the show in the summer time. I can't wait to see what paul has coming next. i suspect a great acting career from him!
  • Great actor, and very hot

    Paul is a great actor, I have followed him sice his stint on Everwood, he as great talent and should do very well in his acting he is good looking and hwo could ask for more I mean he acts with sincerity and you want to believe every word he says he as this ora about him, I think that he will do very good I can't wait to see what the future holds for this actor, I hope that what ever he does he is sucessful but lets hope for the majority of girls everywhere that he stays in the spot light