Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul


6/19/1962, San Fernando, California

Birth Name

Paula Julie Abdul


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Paula Julie Abdul was born on June 19, 1962 in San Fernando, California to Harry and Lorraine Abdul. Her parents seperated in 1969. In 1981 Paula enrolled in Cal State Northridge. It was during this time she began a fifteen year struggle with bulemia. In 1987 Paula wisely…more


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    • Paula: People talk about Madonna being the queen of reinvention, and while I applaud her, I don't know anyone who's reinvented themselves more than me.

    • Paula: I do [want children]. I'll probably adopt because I think it'll be in the next three to five years. I wouldn't necessarily adopt from abroad like some celebs. I just want a healthy baby.

    • Paula: Eating disorders are one of the toughest things to talk about. It's very shame-based.

    • Paula: Good luck with your wishbone; You'll still need a backbone.

    • Paula: Every time Randy Jackson opens his mouth, I look like a Nobel Prize winner. Every time Simon opens up his mouth, Borat sounds like a Nobel Prize winner. Ryan, I really do love him. Almost as much as he loves himself. These three brothers are the best thing to ever happen to me. Just ask my therapists.

    • Paula: Don't ever give a swivel stool to someone who's very hyper and active because I will spin and spin and spin.

    • Paula: I feel blessed to have as many comebacks as I can.

    • Paula: American Idol was, like, part of the yellow brick road.

    • Paula: Everything is always a little surreal.

    • Paula: Seattle had the best delusional people!

    • Paula:I'm grateful this ordeal is over, and I'm so looking forward to getting back to the job I love. Once again, I thank my fans from throughout the world for their undying love and support.

    • Paula:(chastising Simon Cowell) Telling a 17 year old girl "You're bland, boring, and I hate your dress'---that's friendly."

    • Paula: (on Simon Cowell) I still look at him as a puppy dog. He doesn't threaten me. He doesn't realize that I can stand up for myself, and stand on my own.

    • Paula: Reach for the stars, you just might become one.

    • Paula: (on Simon Cowell) He's got claws and fangs, but he doesn't pee on my furniture, so I can handle that.

    • Paula: My choreography suits men very well, and the women who can do it are damn hard, strong dancers.

    • Paula (on Simon Cowell): I welcome him like I welcome cold sores. He's from England, he's angry and he's got Mad Power Disease.

    • Paula: I have been taught never, never to lie Not only do I never lie, I never respond to lies, no matter how vicious, no matter how hurtful.

    • Paula about her choreography: When people expect me to go right, I'll go left. I'm unpredictable.

    • Paula: Great. Just what I needed was a compliment on my wardrobe from someone who's always on the worst-dressed list.

    • Paula: I do trust my fans who can see through attempts at character assassination and I do trust the essential fairness of the American public.

    • Paula: Letting Simon anywhere near the press where he can talk about me without me being able to defend myself is not something I would ever let happen unless I really had to. I am on the mend and so excited to be back with my incredible, but dysfunctional family and everyone at Fox; our best season of Idol yet.

    • Paula: When we had auditions here they were absolutely fantastic, great stories, great characters. We had one 24 or 25 year-old guy who was prematurely gray and sang the standards - Perry Como, Frank Sinatra - a total Vegas guy.

    • Paula: All my life I have been taught to take the high road and never to dignify salacious or false accusations and I have been taught never, never to lie. Not only do I never lie, I never respond to lies, no matter how vicious, no matter how hurtful.

    • Paula: Can you imagine Simon as a kid? His imaginary friends probably never wanted to play with him.

  • We give her too much attention.

    Love her but please go away. Overrated.
  • Paula is cool

    I think Paula Abdul is a talented person. She is a pretty cool person too I think she is a good singer. Paula is most known as a singer back in the day and a judge on the show American Idol. I think she does a good job as a judge. She is not mean like Simon Cowell and does not crush other people's dreams. She always tries to say something nice to a person even if they are not that good. I think Paula kinda is pretty too. So overall I think Paula Abdul is a nice and talented person.moreless