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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Paula Boudreau




Paula Boudreau was born in Toronto but has lived in various places across Canada. Her most notable stage credits include the title role in "Evita", Mary Magdalene in "J.C. Superstar", Titania in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and Maria Elena in "The Buddy Holly Story". Her favourite TV guest appearances include TVO's "Mathica's Mathshop" and Fox's "Class of 96" as well as "Triage" on the Life Network.

Paula has also featured in many TV commercials, both in Canada and the US, in which her happy persona has sold everything from toothpaste to tires.
She currently lives in Toronto, Canada where she divides her time between raising her family and pursuing her acting career.

Paula's comments on working on "Doc"

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Paula Boudreau On "Safety First" (April 13, 03)

Hello. I hope this finds you well.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you feel like you're not quite good enough, strong enough or smart enough? Or have you ever experienced the thrill of discovering that maybe you're better, smarter and stronger than you ever could've imagined? Tippy goes through both in "Safety First", and I hope that you enjoy her journey from one to the other.

This episode offers intrigue, drama, a hint of romance, and my personal favourite, comedy. Not to mention the talented, charming and handsome Billy Ray Cyrus, as well as Doc's exceptional cast of regulars and guest stars. So, why watch anything else? All week long? Or ever, for that matter?!

Thanks for tuning in.



Paula Boudreau On "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (Jan 12, 03)

Happy New Year! Every time I say that I can't help but think of Frosty the Snowman when he came to life after the kids put that magical hat on his freezing cold head. Do you remember the first words that tumbled from his coaly lips and beyond the corncob pipe? "Happy Birthday!" Remember? "Happy Birthday!" As a kid that always made me laugh. But it was his birthday, of course, because until that day, he was just snow plough fodder. Where am I going with this, you ask? Absolutely nowhere. It's official. I am slowly morphing into Tippy Williams! But I really do want to wish everyone reading this, and everyone watching the show a very happy, healthy 2003.

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is an important episode for Tippy. Innovation, perseverance, ethics, loyalty, friendship and love all come into play when she tries to do something nice for her boyfriend Steven's birthday, his first since they began their whirlwind romance. Working with director E. Jane Thompson was a wonderful experience, as was getting to have another dinner scene with Kevin Jubinville, the fine actor who plays Steven. It was more a dessert scene, really. I'll not soon forget the chocolate torte shaped like a perfect rose that sat, sadly, untouched for the duration of the scene. But, I'll tell you, just so you know what kind of amazing people are behind Doc, they packed that thing up and sent it home with me. My husband and I split it with a glass of milk very late that night. But I digress.

In this episode I think you'll enjoy the different sides of some of the characters you've come to know on Doc. Nate, Derek, Tippy, and (gulp) even Dr. Crane. Should old acquaintance be forgot? I don't think so. Where am I going with this? Absolutely nowhere. Happy New Year everybody.



Paula Boudreau On "The Price of a Miracle"

Hi! I hope this finds you well. And maybe eating a little chocolate. Or cheesecake. Or my personal favourite, french fries.

And speaking of french fries…I've got to tell you, working on this episode with Captain Doss (Kevin Jubinville) and Francois (Frank Chiesurin) was fantastique (FYI that's French for fantastic). It's not everyday I can go home to my husband and tell him about the two cute men fighting over me at work! Not that they were fighting exactly. Tippy is really the only one to break a sweat in this particular love triangle.

Watch for raindrops in the scene by the water fountain. It's a gorgeous scene on which director Holly Dale and the whole crew did an amazing job, but no one could stop the rain falling so hard and steady that by the end of the evening even my waterproof mascara had to put up an umbrella.

Stay warm. Stay dry. And please stay tuned!





A Note From Paula Boudreau (Tippy Williams)

Hi Everybody!

I can't begin to tell you how amazing it is to be part of the DOC family. The Cast and Crew, lead by BRC, are such special people; they make coming to work a real joy. Thank you to all the loyal extraordinary fans whose support helps keep this great show Number One!

I have two special memories about making "The Commercial". The first one is about a scene with Captain Doss (played by Kevin Jubinville) where things are quite tense between he and Tippy: so tense, in fact, that the entire relationship is on the line. This took place outside on a beautiful spring-like day, and for the duration of the intense scene we were both ankle-deep in mud! It was too much fun.

My other vivid memory of filming "The Commercial" involves a scene with the staff of Westbury Clinic, a seasoned Broadway star and a huge bowl of popcorn. I'll let you watch and figure out why. But know this…we must have gone through at least twenty-seven bowls of the buttery stuff due to one very snack-happy Doctor!

I hope you enjoy watching this episode as much as I loved working on it. Stay safe and be happy.

All the best

Paula Boudreau