Paula Cale

Paula Cale


6/2/1970, Great Falls, Virginia, USA

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Paula Korologos
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Paula was born in 1970 in Virginia to a Greek American, Tom C. Korologos and Joy Korologos. She is the youngest in family with two siblings. Her sister is Ann and her brother is Phillip. She grew up in Washington DC. Her mother passed away with brain cancer…more


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  • Paula Cale is one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood.

    After her starring role on "Providence," one should had expected the jobs to be lining up for Paula Cale after the show was prematurely retired in 2002. Paula is a sweet, adorable, and tallented actor, so it's a mystery why she only appeared in two TV movies for three years. Her stock may be rising now, however, as Paula guest starred on both "Ghost Whisperer" and "Joey" in the span of seven days. The good news is her character on "Joey," Abby, has the potential for being a recurring role. In both appearances, Paula was given the opportunity to display both her dramatic and comedic abilities. Hopefully, more people will notice, and Paula will land a starring role once again, because Hollywood certainly needs more actors like Paula Cale.moreless