Paula Devicq





7/7/1965 , Edmonton, AB, Canada

Birth Name

Paula Michelle Devicq




Paula Devicq is a Candian actress. She began her career as a model but she reached fame with the role of charming Kirsten Benett in Party of five. She was in the show on and off, sometimes with a leading role and others with a recurring one. During the show and after she starred in some movies as "Wounded Heart" (TV), "Dinner and Driving" and "Kill the Man".

In 2001 she starred in "100 Centre Street" which lasted only for two seasons. It was in this show where she met her husband Joseph Lyle Taylor. They got married on December 2001.

After this, she starred in some movies including "The breakup artist" where she appears together with her husband. She also guest starred in "Law and Order" and "Rescue Me".

Paula is now divorced and is currently involved in the project "Pinion," a thriller that is now in production.