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    • Paula has done several movies with the Hallmark network such as Gone but not Forgotten, McBride, A Carol Christmas, and feature films such as The Base,A Kiss Goodnight, Mr. Saturday Night and Black Scorpion.

    • Paula's motto is "Anything for the children", after witnessing the slow passing of her own sister Karla to an auto-immune disease as children.

    • One of Paula's hobbies is playing golf.

    • Paula supports several charities some of her favourites include Animal Rescue, Pediactric Aids, the Athletes and Entertainers for Kids, LAPD memorial fund, The Fireman's Memorial Fund, Dennis Quaid tournament for Doctors with out Borders and the Children's Hospital of Austin.

    • Paula was Miss Oklahoma in 1985 and lost in the Miss USA finals to Halle Berry, that was before both actresses had their great successes.

    • Paula's oldest sister Karla passed away at the tender age of 13 to an auto immune disease when Paula was 9.

    • Paula is the youngest of 3 girls.

    • She and husband Rich have a big passion for animals and have adopted 2 shepherd mixes one from the Amanda Foundation and one from the Pet Orphans Fund.

    • She has one sister, still living, named Dawna King.

    • Her first child, daughter Mckenna with husband Rich, was born in 2000.

    • Paula is married to Rich Thurber (31 March 1996 - present) , her husband was a producer on Howie Mandel's short-lived talk show.

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