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  • my grandson loves you abby

    my 3 years old and he just love you and he would love to have a picture of you. He always wants to watch NCIS so he can see you abby.
  • Read the following comments. Too short?

    Abby (Paulette) and Ziva (Cote De Pablo) resurrected NCIS from disaster after they killed Sasha Alexander. They did, and still do, keep the series attractive (thanks to good writers) by their unique and different approach to acting. They make it look so real and enjoyable.
  • Abby is great and funny

    If you looking for someone fun on NCIS it is usually Abby. Usually perky and fun with the all the cast. Even the Goth look is great and fits in well.
  • Great on NCIS.

    Hate the show but love her.
  • Pauley is cool in goth...

    Pauley also needs a story line and why she joined NCIS. She is a great actress and looks good in black (even though she is a blonde). Keep cool'n Pauley!
  • the best character on the show

    She has to be the best person on the show and the couldnt have chosen a better person to play her because shes just so awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  • The Brilliant Scientist

    She really surprised me when she began to act on NCIS- I mean, at first I was a little intimidated by her because of the spider tattoo, but then she would say a few lines and I'd smile. I LOVE THIS SHOW! She makes the lab definitely a place where you can learn neat scientific things from, she is patient, a great aide, while having fun and a few laughs. I enjoy her edgy and sweet style that she brings to the cam, it's really different and cool!
  • Great Actress...

    Pauley, I have you say, you are one the the best actresses in the world. I can tell that you enjoy your role as Abby so much. My dream is to come on set and meet you and the rest of the cast. But anyway, back to you, I was you for Halloween a few years ago and I really enjoyed my self.

    Happy Season 9 Finale!!
  • My name is Lisa we met out-n-about the other night. Just wanted to say my mom really loves the pic we took together. I really think your alot of fun and a super nice person. I hope if ya see me again you say Hi. Stay sweet Lisa

    A Hundred words minimum huh, well that is alot to say for someone who doesnt watch alot of t.v. but this was the only way i figured you might possibly ever get the note / summery i wanted to send you somehow. Anyways, I did catch the show and love,love,love your character. The show rocks too.
    Its great to see the rocker girl image shown so positively. You are a credit to your craft and I hope your in it for a long long career. WOW, i have had to repeat so many word so much since i was in grade school. LOL
    Stay Sweet
  • You r my favorite.I have never had a T.V. idol,I can identify with you and your character.You are much admired and it would be an honor to meet you sometime.I am old enough to be your mother. Lived in Malibu and meet many stars,yours shines the brightest.

    I DVR all your episodes,and watch and watch. This show is the most believable of all and your personalities mesh well. It is too bad that more shows don't take a life lesson from NCIS. Just visited Branson and found it to be a real life city like the one that Gibbs grew up in. With my blk.nails,knee high tennis shoes,black and silver skull and bones hat, I felt that I was representing Abby in very good steed. All I needed was a blk parasol and net gloves. Go Abs! Can't wait until 9-21. Character counts when no one sees you!
  • What a great character!!!

    It's funny because the first couple episodes, Abby was portrayed as simply weird and she wasn't given much of a role. I don't know how or why they changed her character, but I sure am glad they did because she's one of the main reasons for watching the show. She is so interesting, funny, and hyper. She really plays her part well and it isn't a particularly easy role to play (although it looks like it would be a lot of fun.) To be honest, the entire cast works so amazingly well together. Just the right mix and it's easy to see why the show is so popular.
  • My personal Wonder Woman

    Abby is my personal wonder woman. She is perfectly unique and you really don't get that much anymore. Abby's style is her own and she isn't forced into the sterotypical "goth" personality but is bright and shining. And honestly its pretty awesome when you hear old men with alzheimer's saying they wouldn't mind spending time with her. She's a good role model for young girls to be who THEY are and not to conform to the "normal". I wish the show had started earlier than it did... I could have used the fashion tips! I adore Abby and wish I had her fearless attitude!
  • Abby is a breath of fresh air as she is who and what she is and that is it

    Abby , in my opinion , is one of the top stars of this show. Right up there alongside of Gibbs. She has spunk and isn't the least bit afraid of Gibbs even when he is in a bad mood. She knows how to handle him. With her Goth attitudes, clothes and way of life she comes off as a very honest person who doesn't hid who she is. She makes the show fun to watch as she bops around her lab. What the show could do is have someone join the team, for just a few episodes , who doens't get along with Abby, then have Gibbs get rid of them . Super actress with a super character.
  • Pauley you are awsome in the show your the main reason I watch it. Sorry I messed up on the name I wasn't sure how to spell it.

    Pauley in the show you are exactly like me. In a good way.I have a question do you really act like you do in the show in real life? Well if you were that be completly awsome.Also why do we have to write 100 words for this I really like you in your show but im not sure I can write that many words about it.Just so you know im your biggest fan!And you better not forget it. :) But im not one of those crazed fans.And the weird thing is the other day I noticed I wear the same exact hairstyles as you. Its creepy!OMG i got 100 WORDS how weird is that!OK please write back.bye. :) :) :) :)
  • Pauley you are a very good actress and the role you play as Abbey suits you. Your role in forensics is good , it teaches also the science of forensics, and what computers can do to help solve crimes.

    I enjoy the way you are around computers. Your wardrobe is superb. The drink which Gibbs usually brings you I find nice. In one of the shows it showed you and Timothy getting close , I am glad it didn't in a way. I usually don't go for romantic shows, I like dramas and mysteries , which NCIS is. In away it would of been nice if you could of kept your name Pauley on the show (I have a big black male cat named Paulie). So keep up the good work and be the person you are on NCIS.
  • I really enjoy NCIS and the character "Abbey" that you play on the show.

    I really enjoy NCIS and the character "Abbey" that you play on the show.

    Abbey in the series really makes the show for me with her music, her perspective toward her job,
    And Abbey's socially desirable courtesy, wit and sexiness.

    Because it is the Halloween season and I like to celebrate the Gothic genre at this time.
    Wondered if "Abbey" would think I am crazy or my creative talents are sometimes wasted.
    You know people decorate their house their pets their children.

    But how many have their car done?
    Look at my avatar profile picture taken with my cell phone.Picture not so good all I have now.
    Its a graveyard with 2 black crows on fences,spiders, a fat black rat and a coffin with pop up Reaper inside.

    Its 10-25-09 been getting mixed reviews all week. A 60 mile and hour Spirit wind has taken the graveyard off my SUV once on the Interstate but was retrieved.
  • I love Ncis and Abbey and all the gang.

    I love Ncis all the characters are exceptional players.
    I love Abbey, because of Gothic style and her wit which brings laughter to the shows. I also love her tattoos. She is the one that got me to go back to school to study for forensic.
    I watch this show and CSI and love both, but I watch mostly NCIS. I like Tony and Da vi battling wit with each other too.

    I like McGee with his quite but stern command with a little humor thrown in.
    Dr. Moller I remeber from Man from Uncle God that shows my age. LOL

    Tim reminds of me always being pick on but comes out on top at the end. Gave up my acting careers(was in as extra for Red Heat, Flat Liner, but never got into any other sure do miss it so I pursue other. You all please keep up the good work look for to the new season.
  • Pauley is one of the most interesting characters on the show. She really brings the show alive.

    Pauley is one of the most interesting characters on the show. She really brings the show alive. Her character makes you laugh, but can make you feel what she feels. When she is sad or worried about one of her co-workers you feel it. She is a wonderful actress and a hell of a singer. I heard the track she is singing on the NCIS cd coming out and it's awesome. I love the song to. This girl is talented in so many ways. I love her interaction with Mark Harmon (Gibbs). They really give you a father/daughter feeling. I love her look too.
  • I am a big fan of NCIS. Its my favorite show. I love all the characters in it. But my two top favorite characters are Gibbs and Abby.

    I just love Abby, cause she smart yet she knows how to have fun. Shes just a good person to have on the show. Shes also alot like me. Shes likes everything I do. In short and plain she could be my best friend. She also very talented and pretty. I love her both as an actor and a musican. I like watching her cause shes funny, energetic, and I llike to see what shes wearing. Please don't ever leave the show. Her scents of style rocks!!!!! Abby your so awsome and cool!!!! I also love your newest song too!!!!
  • Everybody LOVES Abbey!!

    Pauley Perrette…One of the few actresses that I would give a higher rating than ten on the scale. I became a fan when she was on "Special Unit 2" (2001-2001). It took me a while to realize that was Pauley Perrette because of the blonde hair. The Halloween episode when she dressed up as Marilyn Monroe was what did it. Everybody LOVES Abbey!! Even people that don't watch NCIS know who Abbey is and think that she awesome. I like the fact that her character is intelligent because a lot of teenagers like her and think she is "cool". I can't think of a better "Goth" role model than Paulley!
  • Where's the Emmy?!!

    This actress is off-the-charts wonderful!

    "Abby" is a breath of fresh air; not only on the show as the character providing much of the comic relief, but as the character who is an intelligent, dedicated, well-loved co-worker and friend in a business that's as tough as they come.
    Whomever on the NCIS creative team envisioned this character, and then cast Pauley Perrette in the part was a genius with admirable foresight.
    Of course, it was and is up to Pauley to bring the character to life and that she does. I enjoy all the characters (and their flaws) on this show, but "Abby", via Pauley, is a true stand-out.
    I have also watched her on Craig Ferguson, and while its true he can get the best out of anyone, I was happy to see that bubbly personality was real as well as contrived for a well-loved character.
  • Ms. Perrette you are a very amazing actress!!

    NCIS is a wonderful show and you are such a credit to the show. I love your character for many reasons...
    You make Abby REAL. Your acting abilities are amazing. You have made me love Abby. She is sweet, kind, crazy, unique and loving. Every time she runs to Gibbs and hugs him....I smile. You are a true credit to this show and many watch because of you. Please continue to do as you do...don't are perfect as you are in this show. Perfectly cast.... I love your style and flare for accenting your differences. I would love to see you kiss Tim.... tee hee. Keep up the wonderful work...we love you!
  • I just love Pauley and the part she plays. I look forward to each show.

    Pauley is really a great actor and I just love to see her in this show. Bringing in her New Orleans accent really makes me feel like being back there. I didn't realize all the actual law enforcement back ground she had until reading her bio. As a former officer it makes the her part in the show more believealbe. Hope they continue having her doing more not just in the lab but in other areas as well. The show she played in where it was all about someone trying to kill her made it really interesting but I would like to see her in the field a little if at all possible.
  • Well to summarize things. I don't what a summary is. I guess it is a summary day here in So. Cal. lol ha ha i made a funny. Ok down to bussiness. Ncis is on of my top 5 tv. progams. Along with House, Bones, and the old stand by Gunsmoke. Love westerns.

    Oh Abby Abby Abby. What your character does for ncis is like fresh spring water on a hot august night in New Orleans. I do believe that is one of the prime reasons i watch NCIS. Just to feel the energy coming from your presence. I hope you will remain with the show forever and always. What other projects do you have going? I see you were a Obama supporter, Yea me too. Ok i know i'm just babbling now but they want me to get in at least 100 words. Did i tell you that i love or really really like you.Ok 108 + words now byeeee. Love you lots
  • Pauley

    Abby is just so damn cute ! She's one of the reasons why I watch Navy Ncis , She brings something special in the show. She's really smart and I don't think that you should mess with her .. She would kick your but :D , and Gibbs would too !! :D I really think that she and McGee should be together , they are really cute together! But they are just to stubborn I guess.. She and Gibbs have some sort of Daughter-Father relation , and it's really cute ! How he protects her and brings her a cafpow :D , It's a really great show , with great people ! :D

  • Abbey spices up the series with her special attitude, knowledge, charm and dress.

    I enjoy all of the characters and stories on NCIS, especially "Abbey." Abbey spices up the series with her special attitude, knowledge, charm and dress. Can't help but smile when she is on my TV.

    I don't remember ever seeing Pauley before on TV, could be the black straight hair that changes her look. But from watching in this series I consider her a great actress and steals the scenes everytime. The entire cast and stories are great but "Abbbey's" character stands out.

    I am on a mission to locate her other performances.Thank you Pauley for brightening a widow's evening watching NCIS.
  • Pauley Poo Poo

    I think the fact Pauley is against same sex marriage especially in her line of work is so very wrong. She refuses to get married because she stated Prop 8 may pass giving people equal rights to get married! How ridiculous is this-I guarantee you her marriage wont last as long as Ellen and Porche's!!

    How can anyone tell another person who they can marry. Marriage is simply a piece of paper but that paper allows the partner to get medical benefits. I feel anyone in a committed relationship should be entitled to the same benefits. Im am a heterosexual woman-personally couldnt never be physical with another woman so I wont be but if 2 women or 2 men fall in love and want to take that major step-forever they should be allowed. Its not up to anyone but the two parties concerned, shouldnt be up to the government!

    Pauley Perrette is VERY talented! There is not a word that can describe how talented she really is. I am a HUGE fan of NCIS, and her character Abby Sciuto is hilarious and zany. I recently bought the NCIS soundtrack and I heard the song 'Fear' by Stop Making Friends (her band). That is totally my new favorite song! I wish I could see more of her in other film productions, and hear more of her music. Pauley Perrette also has a cool style, both on and off screen. I want to major in Criminology, and the fact that she did, is a big inspiration to me. Pauley is wonderful!
  • I love watching her play Abby. I have wrote a paper on NCIS and mostly too do with Abby and forenic science and other topics. Thank you! You are a amazing actress!!By the way Congrats on your wedding..

    I want you too know you are the reason that I went back too school too persue forenic science. I love watching you on NCIS you play a amazing charater. I love Abbey. She makes me laugh and what a cast you get to work with. Thank you for all your hard work. You have inspiered me too go back to school. Thank you! I love NCIS. I hope one day you will read this and see that you inspiered someone throw TV amazing. Again thank you. My family even my children love the show and you. You can make a diffent in peoples lives on TV.
  • She's amazing, and smart!

    wow, i cant say enough about Pauley Perrette. shes absolutly amazing and talented and not to mention smart!!!! her character Abbey on NCIS is the one who brings all the love to the NCIS family, giveing everyone there fair share of the all famous "abbey hugs". shes so inoccent, yet shes really tough. she and McGee and Gibbs all have great chemistry. i love her farting hippo "bert", yea, makes me laugh every time. to be honest she was the one who drew me to NCIS in the ifrst place, i was flipping through channels and then i saw her and gibbs working in her lab and i was like hmmmmm. i wonder what this is about. she is deffiantly one of my top three favorite characters.
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