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    • (About filming Peril at End House)
      Pauline Moran: We shot this episode at a beautiful seaside resort in Devon. It's a lovely part of the country with rocky cliffs and secluded coves and bays with aquamarine water--absolutely breathtaking. One of the scenes we filmed took place on the beach and was, in fact, the last scene of the entire episode. We started to film it in the middle of the afternoon, and, for reasons I can't remember, came back to it later in the day. The tide, of course, was on the turn [coming in], and in order to maintain continuity we had to stand in the same spot as before to finish the scene. At this point the water was above our knees! Phillip Jackson and I--and this is what the audience doesn't see-were covered in plastic bags from the knees down to avoid getting wet and damaging our costumes.