Paulo Costanzo

Paulo Costanzo


9/21/1978, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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Paulo Costanzo


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    • Paulo Costanzo: (On his favorite role) I played a character called Ryan in this movie called Everything's Gone Green ... It was just a nice, depthier role than I usually play. And a role that I just recently played, I played Seth in this horror film called Splinter, which was released by Magnolia pictures and didn't hit a lot of theaters but it did become a cult classic already. It's actually a really, really cool movie ... in fact, I would say that people should see it. It's one of the few things that I've done that I would just urge people to see it because it's just awesome.

    • Paulo Costanzo: I'm very insecure. I have low self-esteem just like a lot of actors do.

    • (Commenting on his performance as Ross on high school "Friends" parody )
      Paulo Costanzo: I had a cold so I sounded more like a Jewish old woman than Ross.

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    Paulo Costanzo born on September 21, 1978 in Brampton, Ontario is a Canadian actor of Italian and Jewish ancestry, who is perhaps best-known for his roles in the 2000 comedy Road Trip, was in many other movies and in the sitcom Joey which ran from 2004-2006. In addition to various television productions, Costanzo has also performed on stage in Canadian productions of Bogeyman and The Good Doctor. Costanzo is currently living in Los Angeles. In his elementary school years, both of Costanzo's legs were broken when he was involved in a car accident. Paulo kept the staples from this incident for years afterwards, in a jar on his mantle.

    For high school, Paulo attended Balmoral Secondary School, before transferring to Mayfield Secondary School, the local school of the arts. In high school, Costanzo starred as Tony in his high school's production of West Side Story. Also, his class put on a Friends parody, in which he played Ross. Costanzo later commented to The Toronto Sun that, "I had a cold so I sounded more like a Jewish old woman than Ross".moreless
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    Paul Costanzo is such an underrated comedic actor. He has been in a ton of movies, though not always as the star, but in each picture, he delivers a great, almost off-beat performance. Of all his movies, my favorite was "Road Trip."