Pedro Zamora

Pedro Zamora


2/29/1972, Havana, Cuba



Birth Name

Pedro Pablo Zamora y Díaz


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    • Pedro was hospitalized and unable to speak for almost a month, and he stated that he did not want to be kept alive by machine. After being fed intravenously, and becoming completely unresponsive, his family honored his wishes and withdrew the life support, including his medication, food, and water. Surrounded by family, Pam, Judd, and Escarno, he died at 4:40 am on November 11, 1994. The day after the final episode of The Real World San Francisco aired. He was buried next to his mother on November 13.

    • Pedro's former housemate and best friend, Judd Winick announced to the press that MTV had begun a trust in order to pay for his medical costs, because he had no medical insurance.

    • Pedro slowly lost his ability to speak, and was flown to Miami to be with his family. President Clinton called him at this time to thank him for his work as an AIDS educator, and Pedro was able to respond. He was elated by the recognition.

    • Pedor was diagnosed with Toxplasmosis at St. Vincent's Hospital, a condition that causes headaches, confusion, brain lesions, and fatigue. He then went on to contract Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML), a rare and usually fatal viral inflammation of the brain. Pedro was given no more than four months to live.

    • Pedro and the rest of the housemates moved out on June 19, 1994, and the first episodes of The Real World began to air a week later. Pedro went to visit his family in Miami before moving back to San Francisco to live with Sean.

    • Pedro's health quickly deteriorated on the show, he developed Pneumocystis jiroveci pnemonia, suffered from nights sweats, high fevers, and rapid weight loss. After making a recovery, the group traveled to Hawaii, and he was able to participate in parasailing and sightseeing with his new friends. The castmates remained worried though, about his declining health.

    • Pedro made two of his best friends in life on the show, Judd and Pam. Judd authored a book on the way that knowing Pedro had changed his life.

    • Pedro had nothing but strife with his fellow house mate David 'Puck' Rainey, due to his loud talking control of every conversation, poor personal hygiene, abusive mocking of his Cuban accent, and career as an eductaor. The other roommates were tired of 'Puck's' homophobic, obnoxious behavior as well. Pedro gave an ultimatum, either he leaves, or 'Puck'. After a household discussion, 'Puck' was asked to leave the loft, he complied.

    • Pedro asked the 'Real World' producers to be able to go out with Sean without being filmed, so that they could get to know each other in a more natural setting, this was the one and only time that the producers allowed this.

    • Pedro's six housemates on The Real World were informed that they would be sharing a residence with an HIV positive roommmate, but were not told who.

    • Pedro's best friend Alex was the person who convinced him to send in an audition tape to be on The Real World in mid 1993, arguing that he would be able to reach more people on television, and it would be less physically taxing. Six months later, he received a phone call from producers, telling him that he was chosen out of 25,000 applicants to be on the show.

    • Pedro was met with resentment from Rachel Campos, his Catholic fellow housemate. He eventually won her over, once she was educated on the dynamics of the AIDS virus.

    • Pedro met a fellow AIDS educator named Sean Sasser during a gay/lesbian march in Washington, D.C. when both were involved with other partners, and they became good friends. Sean would later become Pedro's life-mate, in a commitment ceremony performed on The Real World.

    • Pedro earned good enough grades, and academic accomplishments to be accepted to an ivy-league college, his dream had been to become a doctor. Changing his path in life, Pedro reconsidered, and went on to become an AIDS educator.

    • Pedro's father suspected that he was gay when he was fourteen years old and had his brother follow him when he was supposed to be hanging out with his friends. Instead, his brother found him with his boyfriend. Pedro admitted that he was gay when confronted by his father. His father was supportive, and just worried about how society would treat his son.

    • Pedro was an honors student, captain of the cross-country track team, president of the science club, and one of the most popular guys at Hialeah High School. He was also voted 'Most Intellectual' and 'Most All-Around'.

    • Pedro was diagnosed as HIV positive in 1989, when he was seventeen years old. He donated blood at a school blood drive, and was informed that his blood was tainted.

    • Pedro's mother Zoriada died of skin Cancer when he was thirteen. Finding himself unable to grieve, he threw himself into his school work, and started to have promiscuous sex.

    • Pedro immigrated to the United States in 1980 in the Mariel boat lift.

    • Pedro's role as a Grande Cabeza was of honor. He was covered in cologne and white flowers, with only men permitted to cut his hair, and women kneeling in his presence. He was allowed to attend religious ceremonies intended only for adults. Pedro's family was warned that angry Gods were planning to capture him, so a tiny silver chain was placed on his ankle, to symbolically keep him bound to Earth.

    • Pedro grew up in a family of 7 brothers and sisters in Havana, Cuba. They lived in a tiny house with a dirt floor, with food being so scarce that his mother, Zoraida would trade on the black market for food.

    • Pedro's mother was told after the birth of her seventh child that she wouldn't be able to have another child. When Pedro showed up, on February 29th (leap day), 1972, feet first...he was regarded as charmed. A Priestess of Santeria, a faith that combines Catholic and African beliefs, labeled Pedro a Grande Cabeza, or 'Wise One' who was born to save lives.

    • Pedro's appearance on The Real World has been credited with increasing AIDS awareness and familiarizing those with the disease.

    • Pedro was a young, openly gay HIV-posiyive AIDS educator when he was cast as a housemate on The Real World: San Francisco.

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