Peggy Lee Brennan

Peggy Lee Brennan

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  • Peggy Lee Brennan v Jennifer Love Hewwitt

    i seen the same episode of MASH I at first thought she was Jennifer love Hewitts mom or aunt. Thats why I'm writing this review . I just thought that there were way to many simularites to just blow off without investigating the possible link, the eyes, voice and the on screen presence it was just too pleasently errie I just wish we could find more of her screen work. I'm sure it would have been very enjoyable to watch. If ay one knows if there is any thing please leave a post here. I would love to see more of here workmoreless
  • I saw her on MASH the other day I have never seen eyes as beautiful as hers, if a genie popped out of a bottle and said I had 1 wish it would be to travel back to 1979 and meet her, and kiss those beautiful eyes.moreless

    Its too bad she didnt act more, or been cast in more TV show's, I wish I new more about her I have looked but can hardly find a thing online.

    In the episode of MASH that I saw her in at the end of the show her and Radar are dancing in the bar and she asks Radar "Why everybody is staring at them"? Radar replies "I guess its because I'm with the prettiest girl in camp" He couldnt have been more right, easily the prettiest girl to ever pass through that camp or any other camp.moreless