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  • Peggy Rea played a charming and joyful character on The Waltons

    I'm a fan of the 1970's TV series, "The Waltons." The series ran for nine seasons, and with such a long run, many cast members did not stay for the entire time. For example, the actor who played the grandfather died in real life halfway through the run of the show.

    When the actress who played the mother in the series left, actress Peggy Rea joined the cast as a quasi-replacement for "Mama Walton." Peggy Rea played "Rose Burton," a cousin of Mama Walton who needed a place to stay after some misfortunes in her life.

    Rose Burton, played by Peggy, radiated charm and joy throughout the Walton household. She was a mother figure, though not the mother of the Walton clan. She gave hope and encouragement to the Waltons when setbacks occurred in their lives. When Cindy Walton complained to Rose that the "early romance" had left her marriage to Ben Walton, Rose comforted Cindy by claiming that the early romance had left to make way for a different kind of romance that would be equally satisfying.

    I loved the character of Rose Burton that Peggy Rea played, and I give credit to Peggy for making the character so warm, joyful and caring.