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Penelope was born and raised in L.A. Her father was the original star of the "Guiding Light" soap opera, as well as over 1000 radio shows in New York. Her mother was a professional dancer who headlined at the Copacabana and was also a June Taylor dancer on…more


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    Sudrow is probably best known for her role in Nightmare on Elm St 3, but, really, she's the film--and for that matter, television--fan's actor. You know, that type of personality with striking looks who catches your attention and makes you take notice. I mean, she appears in Nightmare 3 for all of seven minutes, and to this day, she meets hundreds of fans at one convention who just want to see her and take home a picture of her. Some would say that that's just the way horror fans are, you know, "those weirdos", but that would be to discount the refined perceptive powers of a hugely massive audience.

    What is interesting about Sudrow is how much of an impression she leaves with you for an actress who has rarely, if ever, played a lead role--if for no other reason than her beautiful face. As with so many actors who don't play lead roles, it usually takes just one big movie to earn them the lasting recognition that may otherwise elude them. While this might also be the case with Sudrow with Nightmare 3, she is simply a very good actress who it seems is in command of her game. In a lot of ways, all the other work that she has done in TV and film is just as good, if not better, than Nightmare 3.

    Meaning, she is the kind of actress who is not easily forgotten. Sudrow is of a compelling, dignified, and sweet aura that is basic to any lasting actress, and this quality, along with the sort of organic way she executes her art and craft, is what creates enduring, if niche-y, fans.

    Awesome turns in Fire with Fire; After Midnight; and her Mama's Family appearance.moreless