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  • Brilliant Actor

    omg Penn Badgley is a brilliant outstanding actor very hot too hes just so innocent in the show it does a wonderful job of playing Dan suites the character perfectly. he is so amazing definitely one of my favorite actors of all time hes hot, talented and i hope to see a lot more of him in the future and in more TV programs and movies i cant really tink of anything else to say so im just going to blab on about how hot and gorgeous and talented Penn is i love him hes an amazing actor and i hope he does more in the future to come
  • overrated, zero charisma

    He plays 'Dan' in Gossip Girl, the bland, boring and an almost 'no personality' character. While I kinda agree he plays his character well, its just not that good as he tends to be one-dimensional, he never really came out of his comfort zone, he always play it safe. I think of all the character he is the least talented, has zero emotion and is just very very predictable. An episode of gossip girl without him is heaven for me as he is of no use in the first place.

    And to those people who rate him a 10 is obviously crushing on him. Pity.
  • the other tucker and Dan Humphrey i fell in love with ...

    i love, love, looove Penn Badgley. Aside from being really talented and adorable, He is one of PEOPLE Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive for 2007. I'm really glad that he is finally given a really good break and people are finally taking notice. From being just "the other tucker" in John Tucker Must Die and all the other series that he's done in the past. Penn Badgley is now known as the sensitive, artistic, soulful Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl who won the heart of the beautiful and elusive Serena van der Woodsen played by none other than Blake Lively.
  • "Goodmorning Baltimore"... They make some talented stars in that city!

    Penn, he is incredible. I loved him so much in John Tucker Must Die, starring beside Jesse Metcalfe must have been hard, especially as the 'geeky' little brother but Penn pulled it off. Now he stars as the adorable Dan on Gossip Girl. I fell for him and his character immediately! I love his haircut, I love his humor, I love his voice, I guess I love him! haha. Anyway i now enjoy my weekly fix of Gossip Girl, just to see Penn. He works Dan's emotions, style and whole atmosphere so perfectly. And i just found out he's from Baltimore! Pretty cool trivia i think, since i loved 'Hairspray'.
  • I don't know about you, but the more I look at Penn Badgley, the cuter I find him!

    I don't know much about Penn Badgley except his role in Gossip Girl. I think he suits the character of Dan quite well. He doesn't look like a spoiled brat like Chuck or Nate. He looks just like a decent, clean gentleman, who just so happens to be very good looking as well! I didn't recognize him as the younger Tucker from the movie John Tucker Must Die. Now that I think about it, I recall a cute younger brother in that movie. I didn't realize it was him. I am glad he has gotten a much bigger role now. I look forward to seeing him in other good TV shows. One more thing, please no long, curly hair! I love the hairstyle he's got in Gossip Girl!