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  • Penn Gillette thinks naming his daughter Moxie CrimeFighter was a good idea. Just wait thirteen years when she\\\'s in therapy explaining why she can never look anyone in the eye.

    I don\\\\\\\'t know whether Penn Gillette is the fat one or the dumb one, I never gave either that much thought. He\\\\\\\'s named his daughter Moxie CrimeFighter and then said people named Dave are losers. I named my kid Dave. He\\\\\\\'s not a loser nor will he ever be embarrassed when his teacher calls his name.

    \\\\\\\"Hello little girl. What\\\\\\\'s your name?\\\\\\\"

    \\\\\\\"Moxie CrimeFighter.\\\\\\\"

    \\\\\\\"Bwaaaaahaahahahahhhahahahaa! You\\\\\\\'re hysterical. No seriously, what\\\\\\\'s your name?\\\\\\\"
  • Penn Gillette is a blowhard. If he were introspective at all he would know that just because he is so intelligent he should not assume that everything that flies out of his butt is anything but feces.moreless

    Gillette ranted about land use enforcement related to a type of jay with some credibility. However, he then proceeded to say that if it takes the extinction of animals, he gave several examples, to fulfill a person's pursuit of happiness; then so be it. He belittled anyone of a different opinion with his tone. Who is this man to say that the natural history contained in the unique form of any species can be kissed off by the third ape? That's you and me Penn.moreless