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    • Is extremely against infant circumcision, with having a whole episode of Penn and Teller Bullshit dedicated to debunking the procedure, and even stating in his web video Penn Says that his son is uncircumcised.

    • Penn is also the owner of the entire catalog of the band Half Japanese.

    • William A. Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, has accused Penn of engaging in anti-Catholic bigotry after remarks Penn made on his radio show.

    • It is widely believed and reported on the Internet that Penn has prosopagnosia, a neurological impairment of the ability to remember and recognize faces.

    • Penn dated Robin Quivers from the Howard Stern Show.

    • Jillette is an avid fan of South Park, claiming that Bigger, Longer and Uncut was his favourite comedic movie. He apparently is on good terms with both Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and was cited by both as the inspiration for the controversial South Park episode Trapped in a Closet.

    • In January 2007, Jillette took the Blasphemy Challenge offered by the Rational Response Squad and publicly denied the existence of the holy spirit.

    • In July of 1999, Penn was granted U.S. Patent 5,920,923.

    • Penn is an outspoken atheist, libertarian, and skeptic.

    • Penn is author of the books Sock and How to cheat your friends at poker: The wisdom of Dickie Richard.

    • One of Penn's car license plates reads "DOG ON" which is "no god" backwards.

    • On January 15, 2007, on Penn Radio, Jillette predicted that Columbus Day would go away or be renamed to something like "International Discovery Day" or "International Meeting Day" within twenty years.

    • Penn has alluded to living a polyamorous lifestyle while on the Adam Carolla Show.

    • Penn has two children. A daughter named Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette, and a son named Zolten Penn Jillette.

    • Penn is a professional juggler.

    • In 1997, Penn wrote bi-weekly dispatches for the now-defunct search engine

    • Penn went to Clown College.

    • At age eighteen, he saw a show by illusionist James Randi, and became enamored of his approach to magic that openly acknowledged deception as entertainment rather than a mysterious supernatural power. Jillette regularly acknowledges Randi as the one person on the planet he loves the most besides members of his family.

    • When discussing Bullshit! on his radio show, Penn will either break the word in half, usually with a clap and a slight pause, for example "Bulls *Clap* Hit", or change it to Bullshot. In an episode of the public radio programme Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, Penn refers to the show as "Bushlit".

    • In his Las Vegas show he plays the upright bass.

    • He owns an over-sized sport-utility vehicle painted bright pink with a license plate that reads "6SIX6". Supposedly, he spent several thousand dollars on a customized sound system for it. Then, he sold the car to raise money for the James Randi Education Foundation (J.R.E.F).

  • Quotes

    • Penn: Teller doesn't talk.

    • Penn: Teller and I are a couple of eccentric guys who have learned how to do a few cool things.

    • Penn: (Appeal to Identity) It's much more interesting to me than either Deal or No Deal or 1 vs. 100, because [it's] linking together the good-natured avarice of game shows with how we judge one another. You play it every time you go to a mall and think, 'What's her story?'

    • Penn: (Game-show host street fight) By size and weight you'd take me, but I've never hit anyone. Saget doesn't have the muscle. And Howie is a germaphobe who won't touch anybody. We'd all put our hands in our pockets and look at each other.