Penny Johnson Jerald

Penny Johnson Jerald


3/14/1961, Baltimore

Birth Name

Penny Johnson Jerald



Also Known As

Penny Johnson
  • Penny Johnson Jerald on Castle Season 5.
  • Penny Johnson Jerald as Captain Victoria...
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Born in Baltimore on March 14, 1961, Penny always dreamt of being an actor. When her high school teacher discouraged her from going into acting, she strengthened her resolve. She got into Julliard School for the Arts and later graduated from there. Her big break came as the…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Penny has worked with Dennis Haysbert twice before in Absolute Power and The Writing on the Wall, before working with him again on 24.

    • Penny's parents are Norman and Alice Jerald.

    • When she got the role of Sherry Palmer on 24, she was unaware that Kiefer Sutherland was going to be on the show. She was persuaded by the fact that Dennis Haysbert was going to play her husband. The two had played a married couple on a previous project.

    • During the filming of the pilot for 24, she was also acting in a project in Seattle, WA. She flew in for one day of shooting for the pilot and then immediately flew back to Seattle.

    • In January 2004, She was the featured guest on the premiere webcast of 24 Inside. The webcast gives a behind the scenes look at 24.

    • Along with her husband, she is co-producing an album called "400 Years." It is a collection of gospel music and spirituals.

    • In September 2004, she was the representative from 24 to the Armageddon Pulp Culture Expo Convention. It takes place in Wellington, New Zealand.

    • In 2003, she was named to Entertainment Weekly's "It" list as First Lady Macbeth for her role as Sherry Palmer in 24.

    • In 2004, she spoke at the Pleasant Plains 5th grade closing assembly. Her niece was a student at the Baltimore school.

    • Her husband, Gralin Jerald, is a jazz musician.

    • As a teen in Baltimore, she was part of a neighborhood circus. Her skills included juggling, mime, and eating fire.

    • Because of the manipulations of her character Sherry Palmer on 24, she has received the nickname 'Lady Macbeth'.

    • Penny teaches acting workshops, and also produces and directs for the Outreach Christian Theater Company.
      Penny and her husband, Gralin Jerald created the company in 1994.

    • Two popular science fiction actresses worked together on 24. Johnson had previously worked on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Kassidy Yates-Sisko. In the show's third season, she worked with Gina Torres. Torres was second in command on the Serenity on the series Firefly.

    • In 2002, she was a presenter at the Celebration of Excellence Awards. She presented an award to Paris Qualles.

    • She was co-nominated with the 24 cast in 2003 for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

    • She was nominated for a 1998 Image award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her work in The Larry Sanders Show.

    • She married her husband Gralin Jerald in 1982.

    • Penny and her husband, Gralin Jerald, have a daughter, Danyel, who was born in 1982.

    • Her character on 24 is often attributed as the person on the show with the most costume changes.

      In season one, she had an unheard of six different outfits. In season two, it was only two, and her final season three character had three.

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    I think that Penny is one of the greatest actresses in all of Hollywood and no one really gives her the props she desevres for being able to handle so many differnet roles and execute them in a way that makes you tie into her character so well. There is a reason she was given her own scenes in season 3, she acts very well and can hold up an 8 minute scene without Keifer and not have the fans lose interest in the show. Obviously the performance from Penny on 24 was her best acting so far...going from the supportive wife in season 1 to being a different person (called a "shark") on the show in seasons 2 and 3 when she was called upon by her husband. Killing her off the show was a good idea as it wrapped up the season 1-2-3 trilogy that the show was establishing early on. I think Penny is a tremendous actress and 24 was lucky to have casted that role so well.moreless
  • Penny Johnson Jerald is a great and talented actress, who is a sight to seldom seen.

    Penny Johnson Jerald is a great and talented actress, who is a sight to seldom seen. Sadly, Penny has only gotten a few times to shine, most of her roles have being minor roles in made for TV movies or low rated sitcoms. However, Penny has had some major roles before that have allowed her to shine, most notably her role as Sherry Palmer on 24, where she stole the show with her wonderful acting techniques and really brought the character of Sherry Palmer to life. It's criminal that she was never nominated for an emmy for that performance.moreless