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    I think that Penny is one of the greatest actresses in all of Hollywood and no one really gives her the props she desevres for being able to handle so many differnet roles and execute them in a way that makes you tie into her character so well. There is a reason she was given her own scenes in season 3, she acts very well and can hold up an 8 minute scene without Keifer and not have the fans lose interest in the show. Obviously the performance from Penny on 24 was her best acting so far...going from the supportive wife in season 1 to being a different person (called a "shark") on the show in seasons 2 and 3 when she was called upon by her husband. Killing her off the show was a good idea as it wrapped up the season 1-2-3 trilogy that the show was establishing early on. I think Penny is a tremendous actress and 24 was lucky to have casted that role so well.
  • Penny Johnson Jerald has got to be one of the most underrated actresses of all time.

    Penny Johnson Jerald stared as "Sherry Palmer" on the critically acclaimed hit show "24". While many will claim that they hate Sherry Palmer, almost everyone will say that Penny Johnson Jerald could not do a better job playing the role. She gives new meaning to the term, a character you "love to hate." While 24 is one of the only shows I have seen her on, she could not have done a better job portraying the sociopathic Sherry Palmer. When her role came to a sudden end, 24 (while still one of the best shows in all of television) lost one of its most interesting and compelling characters of all time.
  • Penny Johnson Jerald is a great and talented actress, who is a sight to seldom seen.

    Penny Johnson Jerald is a great and talented actress, who is a sight to seldom seen. Sadly, Penny has only gotten a few times to shine, most of her roles have being minor roles in made for TV movies or low rated sitcoms. However, Penny has had some major roles before that have allowed her to shine, most notably her role as Sherry Palmer on 24, where she stole the show with her wonderful acting techniques and really brought the character of Sherry Palmer to life. It's criminal that she was never nominated for an emmy for that performance.