Penny Marshall





10/15/1942 , The Bronx, New York (USA)

Birth Name

Carole Penny Marshall




Still seen daily-in most parts of the civilized world, anyway-on syndicated reruns of the sitcom "Laverne and Shirley," in which she starred from 1976-83. Marshall first attracted notice in a recurring role on "The Odd Couple" (1973-75), which like "Laverne" was produced by her brother Garry. Today she is recognized as a talented director of highly commercial mainstream movies, including Big (1988), Awakenings (1990), A League of Their Own (1992), and Renaissance Man (1994). As an actress she appeared in the movies The Savage Seven, How Sweet It Is (both 1968), 1941 (1979), Movers and Shakers (1985), The Hard Way (1991), and Hocus Pocus (1993). Her feature-film directorial debut, Jumpin' Jack Flash (1986), is best forgotten; she has since vindicated herself with more successful offerings. Once married to actor/director Rob Reiner (with whom she starred in the 1979 TV movie More Than Friends which he wrote about their early courtship), she has used daughter Tracy Reiner in some of her films. She also found parts for her brother in Jumpin' Jack Flash and A League of Their Own