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    • She is a diehard New York Yankees fan.

    • She is a season ticket holder for the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers.

    • She graduated Walton High School.

    • She is 5'6" tall.

    • Penny signed a three year, first-look deal with Universal Pictures in 1996.

    • Penny was asked by Paramount Pictures to direct the feature film The Joy Of Sex starring John Belushi. Belushi was then found dead, and the film was made by Martha Coolidge in 1984.

    • Penny suffered crushing chest pains in what appears to have been a heart attack in 1994, tries to maintain a 'heart healthy' lifestyle from that day on.

    • Penny directed a series of Dove short movies on the internet, starring Felicity Huffman, that premiered on in 2006.

    • Penny received a star on the 'Hollywood Walk Of Fame' in August of 2004.

    • Penny had her first starring role in a made for TV movie in 1975, on the CBS movie Wives, she then went on to co-star with husband Rob Reiner in 1978 on ABC in Husbands and Wives, and finally with John Ritter on ABC in 1989 in Love Thy Neighbor.

    • Penny penned the forward for author Jane Gottesman's book about women in sports titled Game Face.

    • Penny and her friends put together a dance troupe as teens, and competed and won on The Ted Mack Amateur Hour. They then went on to perform on the Jackie Gleason Show.

    • Penny's mother was a profesional dance teacher, who taughte her to dance as a toddler. Penny's first dance troupe was with the 'Marshallettes'.

    • Penny speaks on behalf of the American Heart Association, and to Stroke Groups about health, fitness, and lifestyle choices.

    • Penny teamed up with Rosie O'Donnell to do television commercials for K-Mart in 1995.

    • Penny was the first female to direct a movie that earned $100 million, with Big (1988) starring Tom Hanks.

    • Penny is best friends with actress and author Carrie Fisher, and is godmother to her daughter, Billie.

    • Penny enjoys reading, crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, and needlepointing in her free time.

    • Penny was writing a bicentennial spoof for Francis Ford Coppola called My Country Tis Of Thee, and co-writing Paper Hands about the Salem witch trials with Cindy Williams when brother Garry offered them the parts of 'fast women' in Happy Days.

    • Penny's film debut came from her brother Garry, who cast her in the 1968 movie How Sweet It Is!, with Debbie Reynolds and James Garner.

    • Penny attended a private all-girl high school in New York, then went on to the University of New Mexico. She attended for two and a half years before she got pregnant with her daughter Tracy. She did go on to graduate with degrees in math & psychology.

    • Penny was known as the 'black sheep' in her family, for sneaking into the movies, breaking curfew, and dating trouble makers.

  • Quotes

    • Penny: The truth is that I am not a frump...I just enjoy being laid back. I would much rather feel comfortable and feel beautiful, than to feel uncomfortable, but look fantastic.