Pepe Serna





7/21/1944 , Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

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Pepe Serna, born on July 23, 1944, is a Hispanic-American actor with a prolific career that has included appearances in over 100 films and 300 television shows. Serna played bit parts in drama films, The Student Nurses in 1970 and Red Sky at Morning in 1971, but his first real recognition came in 1976 with his portrayal of the practical joker, Chucko, in Car Wash. A further notable role came in 1985 as Tony Montana's friend, Angel Fernandez, in Scarface. Television roles have included that of Jennifer Lopez's father in Second Chances and Hotel Malibu, two CBS series that aired in the 1990s. He has also appeared in theaters with his solo show depicting Latino cultural history, El Ruco, Chuco, Chola, Pachuco. Serna has received several awards throughout his career, notably the Screen Actors Guild Heritage Award and the Estrella Award for Arts & Culture from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Orange County. He enjoys a successful sideline career as a critically acclaimed painter.