Percy Daggs III

Percy Daggs III


7/20/1982, Long Beach, California, USA

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Percy Daggs
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Percy Daggs III, most famous for his role as Wallace Fennel in Veronica Mars, was born and raised in Long Beach, California. He went to Hughes Middle School and is a graduate from Long Beach Polytechnic High School in Long Beach. Percy has an older brother name Cardin,…more


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  • Good actor and a good support for Veronica Mars.

    I like Percy, I think he's an awesome charcter to have on Veronica Mars. He is more than a side-kick he is a support system for her and he plays that well. I wonder what his real personality is like because he plays Wallace so well. I hope we get a lot more of him in the future even when Veronica Mars is long gone. He's a very talented actor with plenty of potential. On a show where so many actors are polished, Percy doesn't get out shined, he fits right in and steals the scenes that he's in. I know he'll do great things in the future if given the chance.moreless
  • One of the best actors on Veronica Mars!

    Percy is one of the best actors on Veronica Mars. He has good taste and he is FINE!!!! I would love to see him more often on different shows. Not only is he a good actor the show is awesome. I try to watch it whenever it comes on. So thats whats good!