Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton


3/23/1978, Miami, Florida

Birth Name

Mario Lavandeira


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Mario Lavandeira, best known as Perez Hilton, runs the popular celebrity gossip website "Perez" has appeared on many talk shows and is trying to get his own celebrity gossip show.


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    • Perez: I think what I do is noble. I think my job title is entertainer. I shine the light on celebrities behaving badly, and I also shine the light on those that get it right.

    • Perez: I'm doing things on my own terms. I don't have to answer to anyone but me.

    • Perez: When I go to parties people recognize me and that's another contact, another tool in my bag of tricks. I don't even have a publicist. I work it.

    • Perez: I realize my time is now because I'm young and things are hot and happening. I may be yesterday's news next year.

    • Perez: If I was the kind to have regrets, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing.

    • Perez: [on the future] Next year will be one of two things, I am gonna fall or it'll be even bigger and better and crazier than this amazing year has been. I am hoping bigger and better, but I'm prepared for the other one too.

    • Perez: I get stories because people know that I will never lie or make things up or pay for information. I apply a journalistic standard to my work.

    • Perez: In my own subservient way, I am trying to make the world a better place. I will push the envelope. I'm not afraid to offend or be dangerous, whatever - because I can. It's my website. I can do whatever I want.

    • Perez: [on how his success has come with a price] I go out six out of seven nights a week to one or two or three events a night. I don't get enough sleep. I probably get maybe five hours on a good night. I always make sure any hotel I'm staying at has internet access before I agree to stay there.

    • Perez: Some celebrities are afraid of me because some are afraid of the truth, and then some love me because they have a sense of humour and they don't take themselves too seriously. It's 50-50.

    • Perez: I'm not a celebrity. I don't take myself too seriously. I know where I stand in the food chain. And no matter how much of an insider I ever become or am, I'll still always be an outsider.

    • Perez: There's only one me. I'm obsessed with pop culture and celebrity. I used to be an actor, I used to be a journalist and I used to be a publicist. I know how all these people think.

  • You know the saying?:

    "If you lie down with dogs you get fleas"? Or in Perez Hilton's case, you become one.

    I abhor people who employ high school tactics to get close to people and then hack them. I particularly dislike that they make REALLY GOOD money doing so. I don't believe him to be either informed nor particularly funny, though he jumps hoops to convey both. I find him glib. And I find him tactless. And I find both those things make me uninterested in anything he has to say. His recent antics at the MMVA in Toronto were pathetic and I was disappointed in local media for giving him any coverage.

    There is one good piece of news in his behaviour: you know what happens when the flea bites the hand that feeds it: it finds that "what goes around" may just "come around" and bite IT in the a$$!!! We can live in hope...moreless
  • "Perez" a.k.a. Mario Lavendeira is a no talent hack whose claim to fame is drawing penises and coke dots on pics he steals from other websites.

    I absolutely 100% cannot stand blobber/blogger Perez Hilton (real name: Mario Lavendeira). I admit I used to visit his site regularly for the celeb gossip, but he has gotten out of control. I'm just tired of his antics. Maybe I've matured, but the whole drawing penises and cocaine dots on people's faces and labelling celebs as either FAT or GAY has gotten old.

    It's funny that he picks on celebs for being fat, especially some who would be considered anorexic in the real word. He (or should I say she) himself is a very large man, who's trying so hard to lose weight (and there's a lot to lose there). He reports he's lost a little bit of that weight recently. So why does he take so much glee in labelling people FAT? Aside from that, I realized another thing. He's a hack!! He basically steals all his stories from other infotainment websites and then just cuts and pastes him them onto his own site as "Exclusives" or "Breaking News". Seriously, a story will hit TMZ and within hours it'll show up on his site. Okay, so most stories are often repeated, especially the big stories. So how do I know he copies stuff? Because TMZ will post some obscure item about a forgotten Z-list star from years ago that no other media outlet would be interested in reporting. But sure enough, Perez will post it as "his" story filed under "Old People" within hours AFTER TMZ had already reported it. No wonder he's getting sued left and right for copyright violations.

    Not only that, everything about him is fake and stolen, too. He calls himself Perez Hilton, but he basically stole the name of real celeb Paris Hilton. His real name is Mario Lavendiera. He's crowned himself, the "Queen of All Media", but he stole that from Howard Stern, who proclaimed himself, the "King of All Media." Funny thing is when Howard named himself that he had a TV show, popular radio show, best selling book and hit movie. What does Mario have? Plus, I'm pretty sure that he or his "staff" make up the bulk of his positive comments to make it look like he's getting a lot of hits per day.

    But poor Perez can dish it out, but he can't take it. He not only DELETES posts that offend him, but he even BLOCKS ISP's (the identifying code for your computer that makes it traceable). He posted a link to an article about his website from the Huffington Post about how Perez is having a negative effect on John McCain's campaign because over 700 posts responded to his "Quote of the Day" post about John McCain's remarks against gay adoption. The Post said the overwhelmingly majority of posts were in Perez's favor, but they failed to mention how he deletes posts that go against him and blocks their ISPs. It's true, I wrote some remarks on his site defending celebs he picked on and my ISP was blocked, so I can't post anymore from my computer.

    Oh, and for the record, he sets a bad examples for the gay community, too. In addition to "outing" celebs, some who may not even be gay he constantly drools over the teeny bopper group, the Jonas Brothers. For the record, Perez is 30; Nick Jonas is 15. He's twice his age!! Yet he rips on T.R. Knight for having a younger boyfriend? Plus, he reinforces every negative stereotype in his online videos (the squeeling, his effeminate manner, etc.)

    Anyway, I can't stand him and will no longer be visiting his site.moreless