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  • You know the saying?:

    "If you lie down with dogs you get fleas"? Or in Perez Hilton's case, you become one.

    I abhor people who employ high school tactics to get close to people and then hack them. I particularly dislike that they make REALLY GOOD money doing so. I don't believe him to be either informed nor particularly funny, though he jumps hoops to convey both. I find him glib. And I find him tactless. And I find both those things make me uninterested in anything he has to say. His recent antics at the MMVA in Toronto were pathetic and I was disappointed in local media for giving him any coverage.

    There is one good piece of news in his behaviour: you know what happens when the flea bites the hand that feeds it: it finds that "what goes around" may just "come around" and bite IT in the a$$!!! We can live in hope...