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    • Peri Gilpin: (About her husband talking with her about the end of Frasier, after the ending) He said to me, he goes, 'What is today?' and I said, 'August 9' and he goes, 'What would you have been doing for the last eleven years?' and I said 'Going back to work.' and then finally hit me, that-at that time, that I was really going to miss that show and th-that job, you know, and it was a delayed reaction too, and he goes 'Peri, you didn't breath, you didn't breath the end of the show because you were thinking about something else and this is your breathing.

    • Peri: (About her twins, Stella and Ava) I was raised to have an open mind and I could never invision my future without children.

    • Peri: I have a big ol' garden I try to work in once a week. And I have three dogs that I play with a lot: a golden-colored mutt, a cocker spaniel and a terrier mix.

    • Peri: I don't have Roz's love life. A lot of times I forget that Roz is like that until somebody comes up to me and says "Now, are you a slut like Roz is?"

    • Peri: [On worst Frasier moment] All the other cast members do, but I've never had a bad moment. I can't think of one, other than tanking a joke - but that happens so much!

    • Peri: My favorite Frasier moment is from an episode we did called "Ham Radio." It was a David Lloyd episode about us doing a radio play. Daphne and Martin are at home listening and their reactions are hilarious. The radio play just got sillier and sillier. All the characters from the radio station were involved. Bulldog brought a girlfriend with him to be in it and she was dyslexic. So, at the climax of the radio play she screams out, 'Look out! He's got a nug!' It just makes me laugh every time I think about it.