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Pernell Roberts

Pernell Roberts


5/18/1928, Waycross, Georgia



Birth Name

Pernell Elvin Roberts


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Pernell Roberts began his career on the Broadway stage, but soon became famous for his portrayal of Adam Cartwright on the long-running series Bonanza. Roberts left the series at the end of the 1964/1965 season due to his displeasure with the writing and direction of the show, but…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • I think of all the actors that played in Bonanza, pernell was the most talented. I personally liked him because he remineded me of someone in my family.

    pernell played adam cartwright to be a strong character. I think he did well with it. Of all the episodes of Bonanza I liked the one when he took over roy coffee's job as sheriff. It was only temperary of course but it was a well thought out episode. As the town's people start to think that roy is getting to old for the job adam steps in to help out his friend, Roy himself is beginning to doubt his skill as being sheriff, but as tv fate would have it a gang of outlaws comes to town to rob the bank. Roy proves to everyone that while he may be old that doesn't mean he's not smart. He and adam out smart the bandits,by having them think they are letting them rob the bank, but instead roy traps them in the banks vault, no fights, no shots were fired and the outcome is positive. I know that may seem boring by today's standard of blood and guts tv, but it says a lot for strong characterization. and pernell brought that to the roles he played in.moreless
  • Pernell Roberts - ssiiiigggghhh.

    Pernell Roberts was the best part of Bonanza. The best looking (toupee or not), the best actor and a voice to die for. I recently started watching reruns on cable and will only watch those with Pernell. Can't wait for the cycle to get back to the years Adam was part of the show. Wish he'd do more voice over/narration - I just love listening to his voice.

    Even as a very young girl when Bonanza premiered, I instantly gravitated to Pernell. All my girlfriends were all giggly about "Little Joe" but I was all "Adam." They thought I was nuts. He still makes me sigh.moreless