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    • Peta: (On auditioning for La Femme Nikita) I sort of thought to myself, "I would never let my children watch a character that's a drug addict cop-killer." You know, how can someone respect that? Admire? How can you let your kids watch that. So it was my idea that she was a street kid. You know, I told the producers I think it's better that she's a victim of circumstance, a street kid, if you wanna do a TV series out of her.

    • Peta: (On Nikita) I think Nikita's a very realistic hero. I mean she's also totally out there and far-fetched but she's very much a modern woman. She's not a little girl.

    • Peta: (On preparing for her role as Mina Harker in "The League of Extradordinary Gentlemen") I read all about Dracula, and then I watched Nosferatu. And then I read anything I could find on vampires. I searched the Internet and went on strange websites. I read about David Icke, the guy that writes all these weird theories and took me to this word of reptilians. I kind of got tripped out by the ideas that royal families have been vampiric, especially the ones in Eastern Europe. They used to think that bathing themselves in human blood would keep them young. So I looked at the narcissism of all that, that insatiable hunger for something.

    • Peta: (On what superpower she would like to have) I'd like to have psychic abilities, so I can forsee what is happening. But I would also like the ability to change people's thinking. That would be my psychic ability.