Pete Bennett (II)

Pete Bennett (II)


3/22/1982, Brighton, England, UK

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Pete Bennett


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Pete was the winner of Big Brother 7 with 61.2% of the final vote, pete has suffered from tourettes his entire life but he still manages to be the lead singer in rock band "Daddy Fantastic".


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  • Pete Bennett

    Pete has now put together his own group called Pete Bennett & The Lovedogs, I've been very lucky to of seen Pete perform many times.

    He is such a lovely person to meet.

    Pete brought out his own autobiography just after leaving the house, he talks about the difficulties of being brought up in a one parent family, the bullying he had to endure while in school, being diagnoised with Tourette Syndrome at the age of 14 and his life just before and after Big Brother, the book is called Pete My story.

    Pete is soon to release his first single Cosmonaut on 3rd March, you can hear a clip of the song at, there you can also watch the video to hins new song.moreless
  • Pete and His new band The Lovedogs are set to release their new single Cosmonaut on 3rd March 2008

    Brush away your misconceptions about Big Brother winner Pete Bennett, take a look and listen, then make your judgement for Pete Bennett and the Lovedogs are about to blow your mind!

    Not since the days of John Lydon has the UK had an artist whose live performances leave audiences in open mouthed astonishment.

    So you were expecting a novelty record? Of course you were? Well think again! That?s simply not the case, Perfect Pete has been writing and recording with a variety of prestigious musicians, songwriters and producers such as Guy Chambers and they've been coming up with an assortment of tracks that includes his imminent release 'cosmonaut'.

    Pete Bennett and the Lovedogs rock it out with a combination of Billy Idolesque Rock numbers through to Prodigyesque anthems.

    Lead singer Pete can sing, really sing. The songs are modern techno rock and you are about to find yourself stomping along to them all, you simply wont be able to forget them! Add to that the onstage energy, eye catching outfits and sheer professionalism of lead singer Pete Bennett and his awesome band.

    It doesn't stop there either; Pete Bennett and the Lovedogs have been performing up and down the country gaining the respect of University crowds and music lovers everywhere. They even played at Glastonbury and have most recently been on a grueling 30 date UK tour.

    So you think it?s been easy do ya? Well Pete was doing 'his' music way back before the days of big brother, in fact his mother has been a touring musician for many years giving Pete the thrill and buzz from being taken along for the ride with some amazing artists from the 80's such as Mark Almond and Jimmy Somerville. Great ways to learn about rock and roll don?t ya think? But it?s been a very long lesson! "Too long" says an impatient Pete.

    The first stage is now complete ? an awesome single about to be digitally released. "Its all about showing people what I'm about" says Pete, "I'm determined to do this through my own merits and hard work; it?s not just about releasing some crap record straight off the back of Big Brother".

    There is very little that you can?t love the guy for, "I just hope that people like it, it makes me smile anyway, I'm having a great time". And that sums it up perfectly, if you want a great time take a listen, even better go and see the guy live, it?s an experience not to be missed!

    Pete is due to release his first song "Cosmonaut" with his new band Pete Bennett & The Lovedogs on 3rd March, you can take a listen by visiting his my space page also you can see his new video to this song here