Pete Best





11/24/1941 , Madras, India

Birth Name

Randolph Peter Best




During 1960 the Silver Beatles played without a permanent drummer. Finally, when their manager Allan Williams secured a tour of Hamburg, it was decided that the drummer situation had to be solved. The solution was Pete Best. The band knew Pete from a club they had often played and now frequented, The Casbah - where Pete's own group (The Blackjacks) were resident.

Paul McCartney phoned Pete in August 1960 asking him if he was interested in joining the band. Pete discussed the situation with his fellow Blackjacks who happily agreed that Pete should take up his place with The Beatles. Pete formally auditioned, became a Beatle on 12th August 1960 and left for Germany with John, Paul, George and Stuart.

However, during the recording of The Beatle first Album, Pete was replaced by Ringo Starr. Their was outrage amongst the fans, leading to the slogan, 'Ringo never, Pete Best forever'