Pete Capella

Pete Capella


6/3/1977, Red Bank, New Jersey

Birth Name

Peter Regerland "The Sniper" Capella



Also Known As

Chris Adams (II), Matt Davidson, Jeff Berman, Brian Ferguson, Lucas Raine, Parker Lawrence, Parker Anderson, Bryan Fenkart, Lucas Gray, Matthew Charles
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A Middletown, NJ Native, Pete has been acting his whole life. He graduated college with a BA in Theater and Communications. At age 16, Pete became a performer in New Jersey's premiere improvisational comedy troupe, Improv Jam Comedy Labs. He is co-owner and artistic director of the troupe,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • He was oftered business venues from an agent of Viz Media, who thought he would be great for some commercials and for upcoming anime series.

    • Pete is an American Actor, voice actor and comedian who works with many different voice-acting companies, also, even worked at 4Kids Entertainment as a voice actor, he is not 4Kids bound any longer, he is now an Independent voice actor, he will continue to voice some 4Kids characters however, it will not be long until he finally quits.

    • He was the announcer in a recent Backyardian's toy commerical.

    • He was the announcer in a tigger toy comercial.

    • Did various voices for "Shadow The Hedgehog & Sonic 360 games.

    • Is Currently Working On The Voice Of Silver The Hedgehog in Sonic The Hedgehog remake game for XBOX 360 & PS3.

    • Does various voices on Sonic X.

    • Does the voice of the Magickarp Salesman on Pokemon.

    • Pete does distribution work for Slate Productions.

    • He Is Currently Working With 4Kids Entertainment, Walt Disney Pictures, FUNimatin, Warner Bros. Animation, & Nationwide PBS TV Stations (Mostly WGBH Boston).

      Also Plays In Various Shows (Pokemon, Sonic X, Winx Club, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, GI Joe: Sigma Six & More), And Plays In Recent Popular Movies.

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