Peter Berg

Peter Berg


3/11/1964, New York, New York

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Whether it's acting, writing, or directing, Peter Berg is sure to leave his mark on Hollywood. Best known for his role on Chicago Hope, Berg called his experience on the show "like getting paid to go to film school." In 1998, Berg directed the film Very Bad Thingsmore


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    • Peter: The cast of Chicago Hope is one of the most volatile casts that I've heard of in the history of television.

    • Peter: I'm very anti-Million Dollar Baby. I think it's a rotten message! When we were filming Friday Night Lights we had a kid break his neck, a 15-year-old, who became a quadriplegic. For that youngster to see Eastwood's new film, and hear it's message, is appalling. To go and see that that movie and come away thinking that Hilary Swank's [character is] better off dead and that the noble thing was for Clint Eastwood to choke her to death before she's even had a real chance to process the shock. I have a problem with that movie. It's offensive!

    • Peter: (on why he made the movie "Very Bad Things") I was becoming frustrated with how unprovocative movies are today. It was rare that I'd go to a film and feel anything. I remember going to see Rosemary's Baby for the first time and feeling like I might be in some form of jeopardy sitting there in that room. So I tried to make a film that made audiences feel legitimately threatened.

    • Peter: If you're looking to spin a sports issue into a positive, sports is sort of the great equalizer. It brings together races and religions, very organically.

    • Peter: I moved to Los Angeles thinking I was going to go to film school – I remember looking at AFI or UCLA, thinking I'd go to one of those two schools, but didn't. Instead, I ended up getting jobs on film – working in all areas of production. So, I never went to film school. Never took a film class.

    • Peter: There is no opportunity apart from the opportunities you make for yourself.

    • Peter: (On directing vs. acting) Acting is something that is fun. Truly, as corny and bullshit-y as it sounds, the greatest acting experiences I've ever had were doing plays in college. I mean that was fun; that was real balls-out acting. Movie acting is a whole 'nother thing, so I don't miss that. I love acting, I believe in it, but for me, now, this side of the game is much more interesting.