Peter Breck

Peter Breck


3/13/1929, Haverhill,Massachusetts



Birth Name

Joseph Peter Breck


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The son of Joseph and Doris Breck, the tall (6'2"), dark and handsome actor had hoped to achieve super stardom with the 1959 western Black Saddle, but didn't. His most popular and famous role was that of Nick Barkley on the Big Valley (1965-69). After the show ended…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • While attending college in Houston, Peter started singing at various clubs in the area.

    • Peter's dad, whom he shares the same first name, Joseph, was nicknamed Jobie.

    • Peter had only one son, Christopher, born in 1962. He died at a young age, a victum of Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

    • Peter is a University of Houston (Texas) graduate.

    • As a First Class Petty Officier in World War II, Peter baked bread and fried pies.

    • Peter received his Naval training aboard the Aircraft Carrier: the USS Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

    • Peter's childhood nickname was Buddy.

    • Peter was a First Class Petty Officer in the Navy.

    • After an appearance in the play Man of Destiny Robert Mitchum visited Peter back stage and offered him a part in a new movie called Thunder Road that was to be filmed in North Carolina.

    • After an appearance in the play Man of Destiny Robert Mitchum visited Peter back stage and offered him a part in a new movie called Thunder Road that was to be filmed in North Carolina.

    • After his discharge from the Navy, Peter returned to Rochester, NY where he and his buddies would hang out at Billy Schu's Bar.

    • Peter's stepfather was Al Weber, the sports editor of the Rochester–Times Union.

    • Peter was raised in Haverhill, Massachusetts living with his grandparents and his Aunt Polly while his parents were traveling on the road.

    • Peter's father was a great jazz musician playing with such legendary performers as Billie Holiday, Fats Waller, Paul Whiteman and Bix Biederbeck.

  • Quotes

    • Peter Breck: (Commenting on his tenure at John Marshall High School): I made lifelong friends there. We still, to this day, all keep in touch and get together. Mind you, it is more than some 50 years ago that we first met. Friendships like these are invaluable. I treasure them deeply.

    • Peter Breck: (Commenting on working with acting coach Nina Vance): She was task master -- YOU LEARNED!!! I can't thank her enough for all that she gave me...

  • Peter Breck is an American actor who has played roles on television and in movies. One early role was as Doc Holliday on the TV series Maverick, a part that had been played twice earlier in the series by Gerald Mohr.moreless

    Prior to that, he had guest-starring roles on a number of popular series, such as Sea Hunt, several episodes of Zane Grey Theatre, Wagon Train, Have Gun, Will Travel, 77 Sunset Strip and Gunsmoke.

    The first movie in which Breck was the top-billed star was Lad: A Dog (1962). The next year he played the leading roles in both Shock Corridor and the sci-fi horror film The Crawling Hand. During this timeframe he also made appearances on episodes of several more TV shows, such as The Outer Limits, Bonanza, Perry Mason, and The Virginian.

    From 1965 to 1969 he starred in the TV western series The Big Valley.

    Most of his roles in the 1970s and 1980s were more TV guest-starring performances, on series such as Alias Smith and Jones, Mission: Impossible, McMillan and Wife, S.W.A.T., The Six Million Dollar Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Dukes of Hazzard, as well as roles as himself on Fantasy Island and The Fall Guy.

    In the mid-1980s, Peter moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with his wife Diane, and son Christoper. He was asked by a casting director to teach one class a week to young actors on film technique. That one a week class became a full time acting school - The Breck Academy - which he ran for 10 years. In 1990 Breck appeared in the Canadian cult film Terminal City Ricochet.

    In 1996 he appeared in an episode of the new version of The Outer Limits.

    His most recent TV performance was on an episode of John Doe in 2002. In recent years most of his movie performances have been in undistributed films that are only shown at film festivals.moreless
  • Peter Breck on \"The Big Valley\"

    Peter Breck appeared on the star studded TV\'s \"The Big Valley\" from 1965-69. Mr. Breck, born 1929 in Haverhill, MA portrayed Nick Barkley, who ran the Barkley ranch in Stockton, CA. The rugged ex-football player turned actor was the quick tempered, but heart of gold brother to Jarrod (Richard Long), Heath (Lee Majors), and Audra (Linda Evans), and the son of Victoria Barkley (Barbra Stanwyck).

    Although Breck appered in dozens of TV shows over 30 years, including \"Perry Mason\", \"Bonanza\", The Virginian\" and \"The Fall Guy\", it was the hit TV series \"The Big Valley\" set in 1880\'s California, that made Breck famous.

    Today, Mr.Breck resides in British Columbia, Canada.moreless